View Full Version : 1984 1/2 ironhead basket (complete).

08-14-2005, 01:39 PM
I just got a basket for sale. Had a customer get into bad luck, had to sign the title over to pay his tab. It came in needing a lower end leak repair, and a new oil pump. Opening it up we found it needed a few other things, nothing major though. As we speak, it's still open. The frame is untouched, but the lower tree fork stop is broken. I had planned on welding it back into shape. The wheels are in good shape, and it has an S&S carb which together would cover most of what I paid for it, but I prefer to keep it in one piece. I do have the title too.

1984 1/2 XL, (Has an alternator, not a generator, pretty much an evo with ironhead heads). I have posted some pics in my gallery. I'lll e-mail others to anyone interested. It's rough, but complete, and I don't want much, ($800) I took it for a project to just have around, but my wife pointed out that I already have several projects collecting dust....If no one from HCG is interested, I'm gonna ebay it.

I'll be on vacation from the 19th through 24th, so if I don't reply before then, be patient, when I get back, I'll get back to you. If no one is interested by the 25th, I'm asking $1000 on e-bay.

08-14-2005, 06:11 PM
check your PM.