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08-16-2005, 06:16 PM
I just received my regulator from MicroMatic today. A double gauge, double outlet with shut off valves. Nice! These people must be teleporting their shipments becuase they arrive that fast. Also, I received my rbuilt kegs from Adventures In Homebrewing today as well. Excellent customer service, and fast shipping.

You know, a lot of people seem to always remember the bad dealers and can recite all the bad experiences they have, but I think the good suppliers and dealers need to be talked about more. The following is a list of all the people that I deal with frequently, and have NEVER yet had a bad order or bad experence with and have always been happy:

Beer-Wine.com - My local supply house. A little pricey on equipment, but
stocks a good variety of grains and hops. Excellent
people to deal with, and very knowledgeable. The owner
rocks!!! Woburn, Massachusetts.

HomeBrewerSupply.com - Ive bought brewing ingredients from them, and
they seem to have a good amount of them.
Quick ship! Minneapolis, Minnisota

HomeSuds.com - A good whole hops supplier. Ive gotton some good hops
quick from these people. Always a plus!!!
Bend, Oregon

IWantMyBeer.com - Ive bought equipment and other supplies from them.
Good pricing and quick ship.
Cameron Park, California

HomeBrewShop.com - A.k.a. Karp's. I bought a JSP MaltMill at the lowest
cost out there from these people. Plus they have
a good selection of other products. Fast Ship.
East North Port, New York

KeystoneHomeBrew.com - Another place to get whole hops!!! These
places are a value for that alone!! Quick ship!!
Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania

MidWestSupplies.com - A great selection of items. Sometimes pricey, but
they have a lot in stock. Fast ship.
Minneapolis, Minnisota

MoreBeer.com - Free shipping for any order over 49 bucks!!! Worth its
weight in gold. Ive bought equipment and brew supplies
many times from them. Slow shipping, so plan ahead.
Free shipping makes it worth it. Great forum there, with
many knowledgeable people. TonyC is my name there.
I dont post a lot, but take in the knowledge.
Riverside and Concord California

NorthernBrewer.com - Great supply house! Much in stock, at decent costs.
Ive bought from them, and will continue to. They
also have a great brewing forum, with many
knowledgeable people. TonyC is my name there
as well.
St Paul, Minnisota

TheGrape.net - Whole HOPS!!! without these people, my Hop Rod Rye
would not have happened. I couldnt find whole Amarillo
hops anywhere but here. FAST ship.
Akron, Ohio

HomeBrewCompany.com - Grains, Hops and more. Quick ship and decent
Kent, Ohio

Secure-Shop6.com - A.k.a. Adventures In Homebrewing. I bought my
rebuilt kegs from these people for 23 bucks. they
used kegs in great condition for 13 buck. You just
rebuild them. GREAT customer service.
Dearborn, Michigan

MicroMatic.com - The BEST place to buy QUALITY kegging equipment.
Prices are decent, but these people must teleport their
shipments as they arrive that fast!!!
These people know kegging and dispensing. They
actually teach classes called "Dispensing Institute" for
individuals, companies etc. Plus 4 store locations:
Northbridge, California
Machesney Park, Illinois
Brooksville, Florida
Center Valley, Pennsylvania

UnderGroundDigital.com - A.k.a. Perfect Brewing Supply. Lots of items at
decent prices. Fast shipping as well. Cant beat
Wheeling, Illinois

I hope these place can be helpful to anyone here who brews. Like I said, they have all done me right, and I use them often.

08-17-2005, 05:12 PM

Great info and a good idea to post it.


08-22-2005, 08:46 PM
I recognize some of those places Tony......... freakin bottomsup