View Full Version : rear pulley on custom (bolts are getting loose every ride)

09-16-2004, 07:46 PM
My boss has a drag specialties softtail frame bike, S&S 98" motor, new 6speed tranny, 180 rear tire mounted on a 17" rim. Every time he goes out riding all 5 bolts loosen up to the point where the rear pulley can shaken by hand. we have tried lock tite and most reacently purchased new longer bolts and put them in with washers and loctite. between riding last night for a few miles and in to work today for a few miles all the bolts have loose'nd. I snapped some picks don't know if they will help. if you want a specific pict. i can take right away. Thank you in advance.

09-16-2004, 07:55 PM
looking at what you got- here's my $0.02...

#1- You're gonna haveta start by pulling it down. while apart, inspect the threads in the wheel for elongation or galling- if distorted you're looking at a threadsert. do not try and "cheat" by using extra loctite or a higher grade loctite. once threads are inspected/repaired then:
#2- lose the socket head bolts
#3- buy a set of hi-grade hex head bolts specific for that application from gardner-wescott. hex heads offer a larger head surface contact area than socket heads. use of a lockwasher might be appropriate.
#4- at this point you could consider using the red loctite instaed of the blue. keep in mind that red sometimes requires a bit of heat to remove the bolt.

that's my input...


09-16-2004, 08:05 PM
Had the same problem on a few bikes, the bolt pattern was a bit off cuasing it to elongate as Junior said.

I used nyloc nuts with new bolts & had no more problems, make sure you tighten them down real good in sequence, then recheck them after every few rides.

Another good idea is when the bolts are still loose, turn the sprocket in the rotation of the wheel to take up the slack & then tighten them.

Good luck