View Full Version : Brand New Softtail Frame For Sale

10-01-2004, 02:06 PM
Well... I had plans to build and custom chopper but it just didn't pan out. So, I'm selling the frame

It's a Mid-USA "Attitude" frame. 38 degrees of rake, 4" strech in the legs, 6" strech in the back bone. It will take up to a 180 rear tire. I put a coat of gray primer on it to keep the rust off.

I have all the paper work to make it legal. I laso have all the nuts, bolts and stuff that came with it.

I bought it 3 years ago for $1800.00. I'm selling it for $1200.00 obo.

This will make one sweeeeet chopper.

Post a reply or PM me if you are interested.