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11-26-2005, 11:48 PM
How many of you have exposure to LINUX and Mac OS X? The similarity is there for me. I am wondering if I imagine to much?

I really wanted out of Windows bad. I tried running LINUX, but too many drivers I considered critical were unavailable.

For those of you who can get LINUX running to your satifaction, it is a kickass OS and well worth dumping windows. For those of you like myself, MAC OS X is a good way to go. Mine configured everything, including the cable modem at boot up. All I had to do was enter the mail servers, names and password. No strain at all.

OS X means no defrag, no disk clean up, no reboots to clear memory, no registry problems, and although I installed an AV, it really isn't needed,,,,,,, yet. All mine had found was a few windows bugs in some downloads. After all these years of Microsoft, it just ain't natural!