View Full Version : 04 heritage FLSTCI primary oil level and quanity

10-05-2004, 01:33 PM
Changed the primary oil and noted that when I had my 1000 mile checkup
that the stealer charged me for 1 qt of chain oil.. SO I put in one qt of
my favorite sythetic 10W40. Reading my manual it has a picture of the
clutch with an arrow pointing down and reads oil level here.. well with one
qt that doesnt give lots of info.. it it really 1qt and if so how does the chain
get lubed and the clutch get wet.. I didnt see much of a splash mechanism
in there..
thanks in advance

10-05-2004, 10:19 PM
32 oz is the correct amount of lube ,the chain gets oiled from the bottom which actualy sets in the oil and the chain flings the oil to the clutch also the bottom of the plates set in the oil, so if you put 1 qt in , you are good to go

10-05-2004, 10:32 PM
the amount of oil does differ a bit between models. for my own bikes, i usually run it @2-3 ounces shy of recommended levels. this has kept me leak-free for quite a while...