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10-17-2004, 09:17 PM
HCGer's in attendance: TFB, Magoo, Plano-Hog, and Hellswraith

Well folks, y'all missed a great weekend in the Hill Country!

I started rolling toward Kerrville about 4:45 on Friday to meet up with Magoo and his lovely bride who had gotten there earlier in the afternoon from Louisiana. Took some backroads until it was just about dark and then hopped on 290 to get to Fredericksburg and ran down 16 to Kerrville with the temperatures dropping to the low 50's, upper 40's. Pulled into the motel in Kerrville, got checked in, walked out to move the bike and unload and see Magoo standing out in front of his room with cold beer in a redneck cooler (aka, a motel wastebasket full of ice). We downed a couple and got acquainted then he and I headed for some dinner at Chili's on the River while his bride Rebecca retired for the evening, still tired from their two day ride in.

Magoo, knowing the HCG check grabbing game informs the waitress that she shouldn't take any money from me since he was supervising me cause I just got out of the pen for counterfeiting money. ^_^ Score one for Magoo on the check grab. While we were eating Hellswraith calls to say they're just outside Fredericksburg and we should expect to see 'em shortly, so we head on back to the motel running 50 mph through the Kerrville 35 mph streets. Back at the motel Magoo informs me that the yellow/red light we ran was right in front of the police station which had several patrol cars out front, but no harm done.

Magoo and I pull our redneck coolers of beer into the parking lot by the bikes and when Hellswraith and Plano-Hog pull up followed by Mrs. Hellswraith with the kids in the pickup, we had cold beers in their hands before the bikes were ever shut down. We all hang out in the parking lot drinking beer and BS'ing until about midnight when we call it a night and set the morning start for 7:45.

Thanks to Mrs. HW, Hellswraith actually showed up in the parking lot at the appointed hour. Unfortunately, a call to Mrs. TFB who hadn't yet arrived before we went to bed, revealed that she was still in Dallas and wouldn't be making it until later in the day. Without Mrs. TFB, we fire up the bikes, Mrs. HW takes their little 2 y.o. girl in the pickup and HW's 8 y.o. son hops on the back of the bike with dad. We head out in low 50's temps and run down Rt. 16 to Bandera where we see come upon a Beemer that hit a bit of oil and laid his bike down, sliding it under the back of the Suburban in front of him. No damage to rider and only plastic parts broken off the bike, but Magoo's wife announces that she doesn't care how hot it gets today, she is not taking off her leathers!

After helping the BMW get situated, we go a couple more blocks for breakfast at the Old Spanish Trail Cafe (or the OST), a Bandera legend popular on Saturday and Sunday mornings with the bikers headed to run the hills. Throughout breakfast, HW and Plano-Hog are telling the waitress that all I have is monopoly money and play-doh money. And when I ran to the restroom, HW managed to snag the check from the waitress - I missed another one!

With breakfast in us and the temps starting to warm up, we send Mrs. HW and the little one off on their day while we saddle up for some of the best riding the state of Texas has to offer. We take 470 from Bandera and along this preview route, we see some deer crossing the road, but a bark from my pipes sends the last two back into the woods. But then, cruising through a little village at about 50-55, a cat darts in front of me, stops just to the right of the bike, looks up with an "oh no" look just as my right peg and the heel of my boot connect with the poor feline and send it spinning. Yes, I mauled a pussy in the Hill Country!

As 470 turned into 187, we headed north to the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum where I made sure to photograph every piece of American Iron in the place, complete with the tags by each piece to add to Wide's collection. And yes, I did manage to sneak in and pay everyone's admission fee before they had a chance! The only tab I got all weekend!

Pulling out of the museum, we backtrack on 187 and turn onto FM 337, the number one rated motorcycle road in Texas. I run lead as we start with some sweepers that soon turn to 10-15 mph uphill and downhill switchbacks with rock walls on one side and great scenery on the other for about 18 miles. This was the same section where the video I posted earlier came from. Pulling into Leakey for gas, Magoo is going, "damn, what a helluva road! That was a real butt clencher!" While we're filling up, Plano-Hog notices about a dime size portion of my rear tire where the cord is showing through - I think that's where the tire locked up when the saddlebag wedged in there a few months back. Although a little concerned, I've seen worse and there was nowhere to get a tire anyway, so we head out to run the rest of the infamous "Texas 3's."

We head north up FM 336, about a twenty mile stretch with great twisties for about half the run and big sweepers up on the ridge toward the end - another great road, but broken up by a bunch of cattle guards that sit just a little lower than the road - jarring if you're not ready! At the end of FM 336 we stop for a smoke and Mrs. Magoo says she liked that one better than the first stretch of FM337, but I told her to wait, some of the best fun was yet to come! We were headed to FM 335, also known as the rollercoaster. At this point, Mrs. "I'm not taking my leathers off no matter how hot" Magoo sheds her jacket.

We head west on TX 41 and turn down onto FM 335. After just a couple miles, this road turns into a true rollercoaster, none of the twisties are really tight, so you can make most of the run comfortably between about 50 and 70 mph, but it runs up and down with these amazing rises and drops and turns mixed in for excitement. I look in my rearview mirror and I see Mrs. Magoo with her hands up in the air, just like a rollercoaster. A little later, I see HW's boy doing the same thing - everybody loves 335! After passing through the majority of the rollercoaster, we pull off on a bridge by the river for a little break and Plano-Hog says he was laughing the whole time we rode that section! Magoo tells us the Mrs was doing the same.

We finish up the rollercoaster and turn on to a section of FM 337 we hadn't ridden yet and head back towards Leakey again where we stop at the Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop for sodas and a break, where Mrs. Magoo now takes off the chaps. Well rested, we saddle back up and head back north on 187, a great road with a lot of nice sweepers, hook into 39 and head towards Hunt, TX and Stonehenge II. Along 39, we run back down into the bottoms along the rivers and get some great relief from the upper 80's temps as we run some nice curves around the river and across several low water bridges in the shade of some overhanging trees.

We make our last stop for the day at Stonehenge II, a monument started by a fella who decided that since England has Stonehenge, Texas should have one too. It's a 1/2 size replica of the original if it hadn't fallen down. There are also a couple of 1/2 replicas of the faces from Easter Island, so it's an interesting space.

From there, it's a quick trip along 39 and 27 back into Kerrville and the motel where we find Mrs. TFB standing in front of my room holding the HCG sign! After 280 miles of riding some of the best Texas has to offer, everyone is ready for a shower and food, so we have couple beers, go shower and meet about 6:15 for dinner. As we mount up to go to dinner, Plano-Hog and Magoo notice that my tire is running pretty low - I'd noticed a little softness in the last run back to the motel, but thought nothing of it. We pull into the gas station and discover that I picked up a nail somewhere. Magoo has some Fix-A-Flat with him, so we pump it in, leaving the nail in place since we figure the Fix-A-Flat will seal around it, and head out. About 1/2 later, there is Fix-A-Flat spewing out of my tire onto the lucky HW riding behind me, so we pull into a parking lot and find the nail must have gotten blown out when we reinflated the tire. Magoo comes to the rescue once again with tire plugs and a cigarette lighter powered air compressor - another HCG parking lot repair! :P

And off we head once again to the restaurant for some good steaks and great company, but no beer! Finishin up with dinner, Plano-Hog snatches the check out my fingers and passes it around the table away from me and he, HW, and Magoo all pitch in the make sure the Mrs. and I couldn't pay a dime - I missed again! Since the restaurant has no beer, we head back to the motel, pull out the cooler of beer that HW had with him and the ladies head for the rooms and sleep and we stay out in the parking lot having our redneck party until about 1:30, complete with a dyke groupie that we had met the night before as she was headed out across the parking lot!

Sunday morning dawned a little warmer, we all headed out and since Magoo was also headed to Dallas, he planned to follow HW and Plano-Hog. I led everyone on some nice two lane roads away from traffic for a little while, then everyone headed up US 281 North. I headed for home in Marble Falls and they all headed to Dallas. I pulled into home about 12:30. Our parking lot repair held up just fine and got me home, but that dime-sized spot of wear-through got was a lot bigger (I'll have pics later). So off the bike goes this week for it's 30K service and a new Avon for the rear.

Magoo and Rebecca are fantastic folks and I had a great time meeting and riding with them. Mrs. TFB and I are already planning a trip to Louisiana to ride with them and they're planning on a return to the Hill Country next spring.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Plano-Hog didn't make it, but it was a pleasure meeting, riding and drinking with Plano-Hog! He predicts after the Mrs. sees the pictures, he'll be headed back down here within the month!

HW has a wonderful family with two great kids - the little girl is a big flirt and I think the son earned his iron butt patch this weekend, riding all 280 miles with us on Saturday.

Another great HCG event and another great testimonial for the friendships and camraderie that make this board so unique! Thank y'all for a fantastic weekend of riding and socializing!

Now, everybody else can fill in the blanks!

10-17-2004, 09:27 PM
Sounds like you all had a hell of a good time TFB cant wait for the pictures to be shared. I hope to make it down to your neck of the woods sometime it sounds like an awesome ride. And Im happy to hear that you got burned on the meal checks a few times. Not that everyone doesnt appreciate it, but some of the rest of us need to jump in when we can.

10-17-2004, 09:36 PM
Thats it I'm moving to Texas

10-17-2004, 09:38 PM
It sure sounds like the place to be Wide. If I ever move I think Ill try to go there first! TFB can I live at your house?

10-17-2004, 10:23 PM
I was the one that said " Im out " in the parking lot last night 1:30am


HCG Hill country ride was a huge success.. WOW WOW WOW..
hill country "3's" Many thanks to all the riders for making this
a great experience.. I need a nap..

:o TFB only got away with one check..

this is what I saw when I rode by the "spinner-cat"

home safe and Magoo was headed north as I pulled off in plano.

10-17-2004, 11:13 PM
glad to here you all made it back safe , and it sounds like you had a great weekend , i also need to go back to texas and catch some more rideing down there, i am glad to see you beat tfb to those tabs , he thinks he has a 6 gun cretied card and trys to out draw everyone :lol: as for tfb hold your hand out and slap it hard for not doing a safty cheak before you left for the trip, you should cheak those tires at least once a week, anyway sounds like a great time by all....need the pictures

10-17-2004, 11:40 PM

pics in the raw here http://divetx.org/hcg

917 miles total for the weekend for me.. Magoo will rack up way more
than that.. True Duals sound sweet by the way..

Here is the cat killer himself.. and in the HCG tradition
here is Magoo teaching TFB proper tire maint.

Hellswrath needs a towel to wipe that tire stuff off his bike.
TFB sprayed that crap for about a block.

What a great crowd.. and what a great ride.. thanks to all of you
for making my time away from hectict life a BLAST


10-17-2004, 11:51 PM
i just got a thought tfb why didnt you stick your dew rag in the tire for a patch
:lol: it would have given you a few more miles :D

10-18-2004, 12:35 AM
Here's a couple pics of the tire after I got back today.

10-18-2004, 01:02 AM
Rolled in the garage at about 2:30 this afternoon and have been in recovery mode and laying around since then . After watching the Cowboys choke and lose the game in the last 2 minutes I figured Id get my ass motivated and come check in with ya all .

I rolled with Magoo and Plano-Hog up 220 / 67 N all the way to 35W where I took off to catch 20E and on in to Arlington . That was a nice little route that Plano picked out for us . Some nice curves and never went slower than 75 most of the way until this stoopid little red car got in front of us doing 60 . :angry:

Another great weekend with the HCG guys !! The riding down there in the Hill Country was a serious blast . I was expecting a few hills and a couple turns but man was I surprised ! What a great place to ride and now my ride around the lake pales in comparison . Id have to nominate the hill country for the next Texas HCG meeting if we can all make it down there .

Once again thanks to all for the great time . 900 miles on the bike , good food in the belly , and plenti of beer - just dont get any better than that . Even though Im sunburnt like a mother and my ass is still sore . Been on vacation the past week and going back to work tommorrow is going to suck !! We did manage to shut TFB out on the bills except for the cycle museum :ph34r: .

It was great meeting Magoo and Rebecca , Plano-Hog , TFB again and Mrs TFB and hopefully we can all do it again at some time . Im about to call it an evening at 8pm and go take a shower and go to bed . Talk to ya'll later !!!

10-18-2004, 01:38 AM
Here's a couple pics of the tire after I got back today.

holy crap :blink2: when you left marble falls there was only one
set of threads showing.. now there are two put put home hmmmm
I bet you had it cracked open again.. :lol:

hey who ended up with the special magazine pages ??

10-18-2004, 03:04 PM
holy crap :blink2: when you left marble falls there was only one
set of threads showing.. now there are two put put home hmmmm
I bet you had it cracked open again.. :lol:

Actually kept it around 60 most of the way. The final stretch across Lime Creek Road is a pretty twisty little road with some decreasing radius 20mph curves (some with an uphill twist too!

Came around one of em to find a Shadow that had gotten target fixation looking at a yellow VW beetle out across the way and just slid off the edge a bit. Helped him get it back on the road and helped his wife turn her Sporty around in the road. No injury and looked like no damage to the bike, but just a stupid maneuver.

hey who ended up with the special magazine pages ??

Hellswraith - might wanna check Darrin's room! I never saw where it disappeared! :lol:

10-18-2004, 03:13 PM
Hellswraith - might wanna check Darrin's room! I never saw where it disappeared! :lol:

If ya mean that Porno Mag that got caught in my bike - it met the trash can while we was at the Motorcycle museum .

10-18-2004, 03:44 PM
Sure it did! ;) :lol: I thought we stuck it under the seat of one of those Valkyries! :lol:

10-18-2004, 05:40 PM
Great report TFB, sounds like you guys had a blast. I'm deffinately going to hold out vacation time and head down there next year.

10-19-2004, 01:51 AM
Hey guy's just got back in from Dallas for a short stay , and wait for the weather to move through. Then we're headin' up towards the Ozarks. I must say first that...that was the "best motorcycle rides that I have ever attended" And wife was equally or more impressed than I was.

Plano,Hellswraith and TFB............YOU GUY'S "ROCK"

Hellswraith you kill me Dude. That "Parking lot Party" was crazy! I'm still laughing about that HCG groupie, What was her name? "Larry" oh yeah...Mary :lol: We sent Larry on a beer run! and she/he comes back "empty handed" She/He said there was no more Shiner Beer in the store :o HW... says "Byatch get back over there and get somethin' ,Don't come over here empty handed again" :lol: :lol: I thought she was going to beat your ass. :lol: :lol: The Morale of the story is.....We drank all the Shiner Beer out of that store.....score one for the HCG gang.
All Drunkeness aside It was a pleasure ridin' with you and you have great little Family And Darren is trooper for hangin' with us all day. I see a Jr. Biker in your future.

Plano... Was that a Cool Place to ride or What? Hopefully we'll all get back together and make another ride down there again. Next time you better bring the better half.
Thanks for getting me through Downtown Dallas and up the Tollway, No tellin' where I would have ended up at. maybe Ft.Worth :lol: After you exited, I was only 10 mins from our destination, So that worked out Great... Thanks again. Opps!!!!! Just made another "SHINER STINKER" crapper

TFB.... You Killed "Garfield" :angry: How is HW babygirl going to sleep at night. :( What a great ride Dude. That trip plan was excellent !!! Running those canyons and ridges will go in my memory bank forever. I definately want to do it again.
I'll get some of those action photo's up tomorrow. It must be nice to have that kind of riding... Right in your backyard I'm jealous. We (Rebecca & I ) were riding home down I-49 today and she said "This Ride is Kinda Boring" So looks like you ruined my wife for our little week day rides... I'll have to take her back to RM 335 South(rollercoaster road) to satisfy her Thrillseeker side. She said that it was better than a ride at Disney World.
Glad you made it home on that Tire :o Funny how things work out. We were able to make repairs and keep you on your bike. You were starting to Scare when you said " If I can get it back to the Hotel I'll take "THE CAR" to dinner " No way dude remember Cars "BAD" Bikes "GOOD" :lol: :lol:
Your more than welcome to come over to Louisiana anytime for beer and Cajun food. Thanks again for the Texas Hospitality.

For all you other HCGroupers if you ever get a chance.... Ride Texas Hill Country you won't be disappointed. In my book it's a "once in a lifetime Ride"

Gotta Go to Bed Now........Later!

10-20-2004, 12:14 AM
souds like a another satisify hcg rider, if any of you guys get a chance to go to a hgc ride jump on it there were 3 or 4 this year and will be a lot more next year :D