View Full Version : 88 engine parts for sale plus tires

06-27-2006, 02:17 AM
I upgraded my twin cam 88 to the 95 cubic inch engine. New at the factory. So I have the cylinders, cams, pistons, lifters, pushrods, stock air clean and the factory slip on mufflers all for sale. I also have slightly use Dunlops from my 06 Ultra Classic with only 2500 miles on them Will sell for $500 plus shipping for this whole package

I do not want to separate the package

All of this equipment came off a 2006 Ultra Classic. All engine componets have no mileage on them other than what the Harley Mfg did to get it to the dealer.

You can contact me here or at my email of nmscuba@yahoo.com
I live in Mich and im free to meet half way to avoid the shipping costs within the state.

Thank you