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07-06-2006, 05:29 AM
S'ok.. today, & the last few weeks have been HOT! & wonderful...tomorrow is the first time in weeks I get to escape the 'real' world All by myself for the day ( 2 hr ride to the dealers for the bike's 1st ( & Well overdue!!) checkup..& we are hit by the most incredible, dishes-rattling-in-the-cupboard thunder, lightning so brilliant you are left with imprints for several minutes afterwards, & rain so hard it broke plants all over the place...

The most rain I've ridden in doesn't even Count next to this crap.. but I cannot put the checkup off ( so I'm told) because I am several hundred miles over the 'recommended allotment' nervous? Totally!!

So.. anyone wear a ballcap under their lid to keep the rain off? I have all the rain gear, but was wondering if I need to wear rain gear over the chaps & jacket? Have extra gloves, & tossed extra tshirt & cutoffs into the bags, but... Damn!!!

C'mon people, do a sundance for me! lol

07-06-2006, 07:15 AM
Can’t help ya much there, I never have had sense enough to come out of the rain myself. :blink2:

I was riding up over the continental divide once just out of Laramie WY, on my way to Cheyenne, where I was planning on looking for a motel, or a camp site to call it a day. I had noticed several squalls in the distance hoping that I would somehow avoid them before pulling in for the night. Admitedly, it was a nice fantasy at the time. Well it wasn’t long after that fleeting though that I found myself crouched below my windshield while wiping the rain out of my face trying to see the road ahead of me. I passed a couple on bikes (one Sporty, and one Road King) both of which had the sense to pull off the road and wait it out. Naturally being the boy genius that I was, instead of joining them both, I instead crouched down a little further behind my windshield, gave the throttle a twist, and away I went. The good news is that by the time I was taking the off-ramp into Cheyenne, I had ridden enough dry pavement that the wind had pretty well dried my leathers, and I was thinking more about taking care of my belly and two growing cheeks with some good hot grub, rather than drying off.

07-06-2006, 07:40 AM
If the weather is going to be that bad I'd ;1 Not put on any more miles and reschedule 2 If not, use a full face helmet, rain gear and water resistant boots. or 3 trailer or truck the bike to the dealer. riding in the rain Isn't anybodys best experience :( ;) <_<

07-06-2006, 10:38 AM
calli, riding in a shower is 1 thing.....riding in a thunderstorm is pushin ur luck just a bit much. if the lightning dont get u, the winds will. the storms u describe has 'supercell' all over it. u dont wanna get caught in 1 of those on a scoot.
the rain will become blinding, the outflow winds strong enough to dam near take u down, and that dont even include the possibility of marble sized...or bigger hail; and if that starts, it will pound u into a bloody mess. car windshields are alot stronger than ur's, and they've been busted easy.
i'd check the radar before heading out if i were u. any strong storms...trailer it, or if u see 1 comin, duck under a bridge. dont run thru it. not worth the risk.
i outran 1 strong storm comin back from work, and when i was about to get off the freeway, the gust front hit. the winds were vicious. dont ride in thunderstorms. u'll regret it.

07-06-2006, 09:56 PM
u know how it is when a big rig passes on the flyby...ok, now if ur heading into the front, it will feel like something is tryin to shove ya off the seat. in curves on the other hand, it's a bitch and a half tryin to keep it stable in the turn. my boss was tellin me when he wound up runnin into a severe storm. the wind shoved his ass across 2 lanes of a 3 lane freeway, and he's been forced over into a peg draggin situation just from gettin a hit by a vicious crosswind. be careful calli, thunderstorms is something u wanna deal with on a ride. wont even get into what a hail stone would feel like since they'd be fallin at about 75mph (the big 1's), and ur already dam near goin that fast on the freeway. if that dont knock yer ass out, i dunno what will. :lol:

07-06-2006, 10:11 PM
I ride in the rain a lot. My rain gear was bought to fit over my leathers. And I wear a 1/2 helmet with a 1/2 face shield in the rain. The face shield keeps my face from getting torchered by rain drops when I'm doing 80 on the freeway. It also keeps my glasses dry so they don't fog.
I have gloves with waterproof mits and I wear pull on boots because I get sick of wet laces and water getting in around the tongue.

Oh, this is a ladies only subject. sorry.

07-06-2006, 10:58 PM
i got caught in a rough one last sunday. lightning cracking all around me.

i made it to an overpass and waited it out, then went home and double-checked to make sure i handled it properly.

apparently an overpass is very well grounded and engineered to direct lightning strikes into the ground, so that was the way to go. the only thing i should've done was moved away from my bike.


fact is, you can get hit while traveling on your bike, so it's best to not fool around.

07-07-2006, 01:09 AM

i'm new to riding--just really started last october--got caught int eh rain once and once after rain

when my bike needed to go in for service i trailored it--and would have done the same thing had it been raining

for me riding should be fun--and it isn't fun riding in the rain--i can't imagine being on a highway and have a truck pass me--there are times in the car that when a truck passes i can't see and i have wipers to get rid of the water--i do have a windshield and it does make it better buttttttttttt io figure why set myself up to the possiblity of getting hurt

i bought my rain geaar at wal-mart in the sporting good section and it will go over my leathers--but they also sell lined ones for warmer weather

good luck whatever your decision and keep the rubber to the road

07-07-2006, 05:42 AM
Ok... first of all.. What a Ride!!! :D I timed it really well; the winds had both died down to a dull roar, & dried the roads quite nicely... the air was really warm; humid & no sign of rain.

20 minutes out of town, I turned around & came home for more clothes... holy Crap it was cold ! It was beautiful for Not going 60 mph for sure!

So chaps, a heavier sweatshirt, & gloves & good to get gone again... very light traffic, which was nice; gave the windshield time to dry after each spray-by!

Pulled into the outside lane for most of the ride, as the semi-spray was annoying & cold! Coming into the first little city on my way, this beat-up old red truck started dogging me.. I switched lanes on it several times, & it stayed with me. I didn't know who it was, nor wtf.. I slowed down near a weigh-station, as there is usually a cop or two there.. & this older, really Rough-looking guy finally pulls alongside me & just Screams out his window, that he Loves me!! He Loves me Bike! Can he have a ride....

( um..... no.) Good thing he was in the right-turn lane, cuz he had no choice but to veer off.. & he wailed on the horn all the way! lol Was amusing.. ^_^

Managed to hit all the red lights, which was a good thing, as there were 3 or 4 people in cars that acknowledged the bike :) & then I was off onto some long sweeping curves & fast cars!

I know I need to stay with the speed everyone is doing, but hey.. it's also a 2 lane & they can pass me! The "Need To Speed" is not why I bought my bike... I got to the deales right on schedule, & walked all over the area ( dumb in riding boots, btw) & then settled in for a couple cold drinks & lunch while I waited.

3 hrs later, I had what felt like a new bike again! I also now have Fatboy handlebars... & they are Great! (My body appreciates them Very much right now!) Got chit for low air in the tires, & a couple cross-threaded bolts, but else, not a problem :) Got some 'airflow' mesh gloves; really nice!

Ride home saw me being chased by some really awe-inspiring thunderheads...that were nicely packaged in & around some of the bluest gray clouds I have seen in a long time. The air had gone 'dead'.. which is not a particularly comforting thought! When you can hear the natural thunder over the thunder of your pipes, it is time to go faster!

I opted for one of the back roads home, despite it being nothing but corners...it saves about 1/2 hr if you do it right. ( I don't as a rule...! but hey, always a first time!) So a few minutes into the road, I discover the lines have all been painted. (Correction. Line. There is only one!!)

What a Difference it made.. all of a sudden, I am following the line as my 'marker'. I had been using the outside edge of the road to guide my corners.. this works Way better! It was totally different.. easier, better ...except for the wind, which had begun to pick up quite a bit.. but it felt like only every Other corner!

For once, I felt no apprehension about the road, except for a couple places! Sometimes the greatest gifts are given without having been asked for...

I hit the last stretch just as the rain started. You know how a really determined rainfall starts.. one or two big, fat drops, kinda smack down to see if you are paying attention...then a few more get in on the act, then just when you think you've had it.. they stop. They wait. ( personally I think they like the sense of futility they cause, but hey, that's just me..) & then as I cornered into my yard & stopped in the cement, it felt like someone was tossing itty bitty water ballons....hard! The wind was downright nasty now!

Boy I got that bike put away fast! lol The bike made it home dry.. I didn't! In that few minutes getting my bike inside, & my gear off, the sky opened up. Looking out the garage door at my house, I was SO tempted to just wait.... but...God hates a coward! lol

So...never needed raingear for the ride, but sure would have liked it to get that 50 feet to the front door! lol

Thanks for all your suggestions this morning... :D

07-07-2006, 06:16 AM
My apologies Ladies. Just noticed this was the "Lady's Lounge." :o

I'll be sure and ask at the door the next time I come in for an escort before I just barge in uninvited and post. :unsure:

Glad to here your ride went well Cali. Best of luck in all your future rides! :D

"Rubber Down."

07-07-2006, 10:48 PM
Wow sounds like you had an awesome ride and experience! Good for you girl!