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07-12-2006, 02:57 AM
I got to come up with a new oil tank. One that holds at least three quarts which is more than the used wrap around I modified to make fit.
That's let me learn several things like the steel used could be 14 or 16 gage. I even learned 16 is thiner than 14.
It's just that the only 16 gage found here is what's called hot pressed. Since the old Sportsters only have an oil filter on the return hose, not the feed one I won't use that kind. It's got all that stuff left on it from manufactory that I don't want any of it getting fed to the engine.
I then found out about cold press and got some of that too. I had first thought it would be a kind of steel without any of that garbage on it. It's got some, just not as heavy as the hot press. I don't trust those kinds of steel because when one takes the time to clean all that garbage off of them the steel is actually thinner than you wanted to start with,
I've heard of stainless steel but haven't got any. I just can remember being able to pick up steel at the hardware store that was clean. It didn't have any of the packed oil remains.
Yes, I know different stores carry different products. What ever they got customers for. It would help me, now that I've made a card board model used for size testing and a size guide when I get the steel, to actually find out what's the name of the kind of steel actually used to make oil tanks for rides as old as mine. I hope it's a kind that is clean to begine with.
Here are the two oil tanks I'm using to desighn one that'll work better.

07-12-2006, 03:10 AM
I use 12 gauge cold rolled steel for oil tanks, Cold rolled is the best.

You can also use aluminum or stainless steel depending on your welding ability


07-12-2006, 04:06 AM
unless you have access to some heavy duty forming equipment, stainless would not be a good choice (it is not very malleable).

ask you local supplier about aluminum killed (also called AK or drawing quality) sheet. it is extremely easy to work with, welds well, and the dull finish takes paint well.