View Full Version : what the hell cylinder do I have???????

08-10-2006, 11:16 PM
okay, now I`m getting a bit pissed!
from what I`ve read at the S & S site, and about a dozen others, they make a stock lengh 5.330 cylinder, also a .200 over (5.530) and i believe a .125 if not mistaken..
now...mine measures 5.405.WTF???? i even dropped by my local machine shop today to have them confirm the gasket to gasket measurement.
my crank is a 4 1/2 inch S & S stroker crank, my cylinders are S & S 3 5/8 big bore cylinders, my heads are S & S heads ect. now, from what I`ve read, i should have the .200 over lengh cylinders, but dont. what gives??

I`ve had this bike for a long time, I`ve replaced my left flywheel before, due to my comp shaft letting loose and destroying my flywheel/key way, I`ve bored out the cylinders and went .020 over, I`ve had the heads completly redone with new seals, and manley valves, but I cant simply get the right F`ing cylinder for the bitch,

P.S, I`ve concluded that my pistons must be short so to speak for this to work?? other wise they would crash into the heads...

sorry for the rant, just having a bad F`ing day and week for that matter. caged .

ohh, by the way i ordered and recieved a brand new .200 over lengh cylinder just to fnd out its to long, and thier are no returns after 7 days, the damn thing sat on my table for the first week after it got here before i decided to check the lengh for the hell of it..........I did check the just about every thing else on it the day
i got it BUT the lengh...to bad, I had`nt realized this the first day I got it...

anyway, thanks for any thoughts!!


08-11-2006, 08:43 PM
You can have the cylinders shaved if you need by any good machine shop that knows old iron. :)

08-11-2006, 09:39 PM
yeah thats been my latest plan, but i would need to take off 1/8 inch-.125in.
and the problem I`m seeing with doing that now, is the oil hole going through the cylinder is angled, so when I deck the cylinder 1/8 inch, its gona move the oil hole over.
so....I though maybe I could take half off the base gasket area, and half off the headgasket area and it would only move the holes just a tad.., but now my concern would be, the hole that is actually in the sleeve (not really a sleave, but the bore itself..) would be lower then its suppose to be, so I`m concerned about oil not flowing through the case like it should...this is a freaking cluster fuck man.. caged

08-12-2006, 11:29 AM
It's no sweat, like I said before if the machine shop knows the old iron....they will line it up for you and you won't have any oiling issues. :) If you can't get it done there send it to me and I'll hook you up.