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08-20-2006, 04:19 PM
Did you get to check out that Ridley yesterday? We want a first-hand report please. ;)

08-20-2006, 04:57 PM
Sad to say that I didn't. Was going to go this afternoon but once again something has changed my plans for me....

BUT.... come hell or high water, my tail will be there in the morning. I will tell ya all about it when I get back Shorty. I really can't wait.... the ideal of a bike that I can actually ride with my issues just makes me so damn happy.

I am like you thou I saw last weeks biker build off and saw where the guy used that push button shifter.... thinking hard about staying loyal to my love of the Harleys and finding someone who I can sit down and talk with about what can be modified so I can get a Harley.
With the cost of a Harley compaired to the Ridley I am betting they would be about the same in the long run..... 18K

08-21-2006, 03:07 PM
Aw, too bad you didnt get to see it. 18k? Ouch hehe. I dont plan on spending over 15 if thats the bike I get. A friend of mine saw one recently and stopped to talk to the girl who was riding. He said it was a pretty neat bike and that made me feel even better about checking them out next year.
Old_Evo showed me a website for a harley sportster tranny conversion kit but I cant find it! Im sure its out there on the web. I think nowadays with more women riders, and more folks with carpal tunnel the autos are going to increase in popularity. Its inevitable.
Right now Im doing better on the clutch than I thought I would so Im thinking either the Ridley or an 07 1200 Low sportster....in blue...with the 13 spoked wheels. :D

08-22-2006, 06:16 PM
Well Shorty.... my mind is now made up. As loyality has been a major factor in my life and my love for Harley Davidson as well. I have to say that I am getting a Ridley. I got to set on the Auto-Glide TT model. The damn thing fit me better then most gloves I own.... The floor boards on it where perfect and the only thing I will have to change is making the foot break a little longer. When I sat on it, it of course is alot wider then a sporty but what can I say I feel in love with it. Now I will have to come up with 17, 500 for the one on the floor in at Kokomo Harley but its all good cause I now have no more wonders and after talking with the sales man in great length plus I have no real fears of buying one now.

I will have to get a windshield and I want to get the riding lights plus the highway bars with the pegs. I plan on taking her for long trips....
The one I sat on was yellow and cream colored but I want a pearl white one cause I have some custom pin stripping in mind already for it.... want to put my "FTW" (like I have inked on my arm) on the sides of the tank......hehehe

Best thing I can tell ya Shorty is try to find a dealer and go sit on one...
words from others and pictures can't express the bike enough.... Its just a great bike but NO its not a Harley.

08-22-2006, 07:09 PM
Wow Hugger, thats great than you got to check one out and have made such a solid decision. I love the Auto Glide TT too. I put up a picture of one 2 months before my course so I could keep my eye on the prize hehe. Its a beautiful cream and light green color, very sharp. But right now Im very discombobulated about what I want. Typical woman I know, and Im allowed! hehe
Im still game for a Ridley but I will have to go to the dealer next spring in Idaho and check one out in person. And I thought maybe a sportster cos those 1200 Lows are so fucking adorable. But then I got to looking at the 07s again last night hehe. Ive ruled out the sportster category, and the Dyna line too, and no way I want a tourer, which leaves the Softail family. From that line up I really like the Deuce except for the fenders. And I really like the springer classic except for the pipes. And I really really reeeallly like everything about the Heritage Classic but I think its too tall for me! Grrrrr.
Im just going to have to go to the dealers and try them all on for size! :D