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12-18-2004, 05:38 PM

The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame is now accepting at-large nominations for 2005 Hall of Fame inductees.

December 9, 2004

Sturgis, SD - The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame is now accepting at-large nominations for 2005 Hall of Fame inductees.

Individuals considered for induction must have made a positive and significant impact in motorcycling, according to a news release from the museum.

Nomination forms can be requested by e-mailing museum executive director Pepper Massey-Swan at director@sturgismuseum.com.

Nomination forms must be accompanied by credentials explaining why the person should be considered for induction. Biographical information, newspaper articles, historical documents and other materials may be submitted.

Indian Larry ?

12-18-2004, 05:53 PM
Read more about the Sturgis Museum and the Hall Of Fame.


12-18-2004, 06:13 PM
Even though a "HAll Of Fame" is for past history,
An important part is the future.
The internet has had a major impact on promoting the sport of motorcycling.
Whether it's purchasing parts, investigating repairs and opinions, keeping in touch with others to coordinate runs.
Or just shooting the breeze and healthy debates, such as at HCG,
I would nominate the administrators of HCG.

12-18-2004, 06:55 PM
90fxrs, thanks for the thoughts, but there is a lot more deserving people then the administrators around here, for the most part I think I can speak for all of us by saying saying we are just a bunch of knuckle dragging neandrathalls (spelling) that enjoy sharing this site with all of you as much as you enjoy sharing with us. I would however like to think of a few in the midwest, that have dedicated their lives to making motorcycling a better place for all of us. One name that would come to the top of the list would be sidecar (Jack Wheeler) recently deceased or Dogkiller (Dave White) one of the founders of IL. ABATE

01-05-2005, 01:38 PM
I would rather nominate someone who should be removed from the Hall of Fame in Sturgis: ex-Representative Bill Janklow. Janklow is the one who plowed into Harley-rider Randy Scott after flying through a stop sign. Janklow thought that he was "cute" because he always ignored the traffic laws and had a big collection of tickets, most of which he received while he was governor of South Dakota. After murdering Scott, Janklow got 100 days in jail and a small fine. All of his legal fees and judgements will be paid by the taxpayers of the U.S. because he was ruled to be "on duty" at the time of the crash (it was no "accident").

Until Janklow is removed from the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame, with considerable fanfare, I can't support this institution.