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01-13-2005, 01:34 PM

Knoxville News-Sentinel (Tennessee)

January 6, 2005 Thursday
Five-star Edition

HEADLINE: Vet dies after cycle crash, being hit by car

BYLINE: News Sentinel staff

An East Knoxville veterinarian died Wednesday after crashing his motorcycle on Asheville Highway and then being struck by another vehicle.

Brian Kendrick, 32, of Ruggles Ferry Pike, was found dead about 1:08 a.m. alongside Asheville Highway, said Darrell DeBusk, spokesman for the Knoxville Police Department.

Kendrick had been driving his 2003 Yamaha motorcycle "possibly at a high rate of speed" on Asheville Highway when the first crash occurred near the intersection with Ruggles Ferry Pike, DeBusk said. Witnesses told police the motorcycle had sped past their vehicles just before the wreck.

No one saw the initial crash, so police aren't sure why Kendrick lost control of the motorcycle. Kendrick was separated from the motorcycle after he lost control and was left lying on the asphalt, DeBusk said.

That's when a 1998 Pontiac Bonneville driven by Kumar Datta, 24, of Jefferson City, ran over Kendrick's prone body.

DeBusk said that section of Asheville Highway is dark and Kendrick was wearing a black motorcycle helmet, a black jacket and dark blue jeans, so there was little chance for Datta to avoid the impact.

DeBusk said blood tests were taken from Kendrick and Datta, which is standard procedure in any traffic fatality. No autopsy was performed on Kendrick's body, DeBusk said, but the Knox County Medical Examiner's office was to inspect the body to make a determination as to which impact killed Kendrick.

Kendrick practiced with his wife, father and brother at the Asheville Highway Animal Clinic, 4516 Asheville Highway. Brian Kendrick's father, Joseph Kendrick, had established the practice in 1979.

Brian Kendrick and his wife, Reichla West-Kendrick, are the parents of a 2-year-old son.