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01-14-2005, 08:20 PM
Ok, let's take this one apart: Oncoming traffic is staggered. No one position will show you ALL traffic at one point in time. The view - AND YOUR SAFETY - is going to change as you and oncoming get closer.


BAD DOO-DOO. You are too close to the truck. The driver of the truck cannot see you. Oncoming traffic cannot see you. You cannot see hazards ahead - like the mattress, mirror, wheel, (fill in the blank) the truck is about to drive over. Worse - when he hits his brakes.....ouch!


On a L O N G straight road - you might have enough sight distance IF you stay way back from the truck. It does cushion you from oncoming - but can they see you well enough ?


The truck driver can see you in his mirrors - I F - you can see his mirrors. That's a good distance to start with as far as how far back you should be. You can see oncoming traffic - they can see you - especialy your bright white PIAA bulbs you installed in your headlamp and passing lamps.


Sometimes. It depends. How about this: If you use 3 or 4 with enough space back from the truck, he should see you. I have found that I like using 3 to see and be seen - BUT - as the oncoming gets closer, I'll move a bit over to 4 so I have some more cushion.


- Position yourself so truckers can see you in their mirrors.

- Get around them safely and don't pull right over in front of them after you pass.

- Position yourself so you can see oncoming & they can see you.

- Use the whole road to your advantage.

- You can only effectively deal with what you see.

Now, how about other suggestions? There are a lot of smart bikers out there. Let's hear your techniques !!!


01-14-2005, 09:17 PM
I'd have to agree with you here, Drebbin, but I would hold off on moving over and back to four from three until I was fairly certain that the oncoming traffic (and particularly the guy hugging the line) was not going to try a pass as soon as they got by the truck. I do agree that you have to balance visibility with maintaining a cushion, but I would stay on the visibility side of the equation longer as I know I will have the cushion to move right in my lane if necessary.