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01-22-2005, 06:11 PM
I'm planning on renting several bikes for a trial basis before I decide on exactly which one i want to persue...

My question to you is what should I be feeling for and looking for as far as ride and comfort of ride and feel...
And what ever else that goes along with just exactly what I should be feeling/looking for
Kinda like a punch list...

You know some of the concerns that you had in question that you were looking at perhaps on your 2nd go around over your 1st...

Like ride confort
hows it feel
hows it handle

Things like this that those of us that are going to be buying one can address when we are making a educated disussion...

As always your opinions are greatly appreciated and valued

thanks for your input...

01-22-2005, 07:57 PM
Would like to respond to you question but first can you provide a little more information.

What is you riding experience?
What type of bike(s) have you owned / ridden?
What type of riding are you expecting to do, short or long trip etc.?
Mostly solo or two up?
What is more important to you, style or comfort?
Do you want to make a lot of changes to our new ride or stay mostly stock?
Mechanically inclined and will/want to do a lot of your own work?
How long do you expect to keep this new HD?
And anything else you can think of.

Kinda like a punch list...

01-22-2005, 08:23 PM
Also, not sure if you've read the article on choosing an HD, but here's A LINK (http://www.harleychatgroup.com/index.php?name=News&file=article&sid=12&mode=&order=0&thold=0) for you.

Biggest concerns will be what type of riding you are planning to do and then as far as feel, whether you are comfortable on the bike - leg position, arm position, etc. but keeping in mind that a lot of things can be done to change the feel of the ride like a change in bars or moving the controls.

Good luck and we'll see if, with a little more background, we can provide a better checklist. B)

01-22-2005, 08:58 PM
What is you riding experience?
riding experience-25 yrs ago in 79, when I had a yamaha 1100 special and rode thru high school on a 350 honda

What type of bike(s) have you owned / ridden?
yamahas and hondas

What type of riding are you expecting to do, short or long trip etc.?
Mostly short around town and 1-2 dayers

Mostly solo or two up?
Majority of the time it will be solo, on occassion there might be the wife or daughter

What is more important to you, style or comfort?
Most important is style and comfort

Do you want to make a lot of changes to our new ride or stay mostly stock?
Changes are to include a stage 1 or even stag 2 and some bling-bling to shine

Mechanically inclined and will/want to do a lot of your own work?
Mechanically inclined yes
Up to a point
there would be somethings I would have the dealer do or a knowledgable work along manual...

How long do you expect to keep this new HD?
I would think somewhere along the lines of years that I would keep it
I like to keep machanical vehicals long periods of time provided there isnt a newer body style that comes out and catches my eye
provided I get more that seems to fit all my needs
or atleast the biggest part of them...

And anything else you can think of.
Ive been around foe half a century know and have always want a H-D
I'm at that point of my life where I can finacialy afford one without putting a load on the family...
Just to let you know which direction I'm leading off in
This might seem like several directions but...
in no particular order...
These are the 3 I'm leaning towards

the deuce feels good as far as seating and arm position
it kinda feels like the chopper style, a style I have thought about
I feel it might fit the younger side deep down inside of me
however I'm concerned because I havent riden in so long about fatuige setting in over a once a year week long ride

The heritage- what can I say it looks good dressed or undressed
Fits me and my older style

Roadking- I like this one as well due to the hard baggs and the adjustable riding that the air adjustable shocks have
Kinda the older mans cadilac

desiding which one is going to be tough enough but riding each of them...
the suttle differences in them
The different feel and intericacies of them
Just what to look/feel for when I test ride each of them
How should I feel when sitting on top one
The foward controls look really good to me but are they practical for a long ride

I'm needing some helpful hints on what I should be feeling
What should the novice rider be feeling atop a H-D
Anyone is going to be a hoot to own and to ride but there sultities is what I need to look for when I rent...
Those things that a novice rider would be overlooking vs. a veteran rider who has owned or atleast riden all of them...

01-22-2005, 10:44 PM
TexasBowhunter I will ramble on about how I would go about purchasing a new HD considering the information in your post.

Sounds like you have some good riding experience and should be able to rent and ride without too much trouble. I would strongly recommend completing a rider’s safety course to sharpen your skills and refresh your memory.

The Deuce is an excellent ride but considering what you have said I would first rent the Heritage and than the Road King. Both of these models are have a more upright rider position with floor boards as opposed to the Deuce with pegs and a lower handle bar position. If after riding the Heritage and Road King try the Deuce if you like. It’s likely that you will notice the forward lean of the Deuce more.

Ok the excitement of renting a HD is wonderful especially after a long time has passed since your last riding experience. Plan the ride carefully. After becoming comfortable with the bike lets say the first hour of riding, stop somewhere and get a cup of coffee and take a break. Now comes the time to evaluate the bike. Hopefully you have planned out a trip, say four hours in duration over varying types of roads (not super slabs) we you can concentrate on the ride in a relaxed state of mind and see how much the bike becomes a part of you, or if it does not. Time to stop again for a break and evaluate how you physically feel. Remember your using mind and body is a way very different to your current lifestyle and after 4 hours or so it’s likely that you may be a little sore. It natural. Ride the bike like you own it for as may miles as you can before returning it.

Now you may want to try two up at this point and would advise against it. If you have not been riding you the last 25 years this would not be advised.

Bottom line, sitting on a bike in a dealer showroom tells you nothing. Riding it at least tells you how ergonomically you fit on a stock bike. Is the up right position more or less comfortable than forward lean. Floor boards with knees bent 90 degrees or pegs with legs out forward, which is more comfortable to you. Bar height and back lean. OK you can change all of this after purchase if you like but buying the bike that is most comfortable in stock configuration is a better baseline to start from.

I would repeat this with each of the bikes I rent but I would let a day or two go by between rentals.

Rental cost, most dealers with discount the price of a new bike by the cost of rental but make sure of this with the sales person.

My feelings are that you will find the Road King, yes if one can afford it, preferable to the others.

What ever you purchase stage 1 changes are great. If for any reason you believe that you will change you mind on what you have purchased and trade-in within a year try to limit changes. A lot of dealers with trade back your bike for what it cost but not for what is invested in add on’s.

The Two-Up side of life. Having the correct seat for both the rider and passenger (at least to me) is as more important than any other upgrade. HD has some good upgrades as well as other mfg’s.

01-22-2005, 11:00 PM
TexasBowhunter...Horse and TexasFatboy have got you well covered for sure. Everyone has a favorite bike, and every rider is different. Take their info and use it and you can make sure you wont waste your money on something you will regret buying later!

01-23-2005, 12:14 AM
hey bro,my one suggestion,do not buy anything with a rigid suspension.ask big red machine

01-23-2005, 06:56 PM
Thanks to all those have taken the time to reply

fatbastard...I completely understand where you are comming from

Good advise from all