View Full Version : 2000 sportster 883/1200 conversion

12-28-2013, 02:10 AM
Hello all I have a 2000 sportster I am looking at doing the conversion to on a budget of course I'd love to do the 1250 kit but realistically I can budget that much. I also am aware this has been beat to death online and I've read everything I can find. So figured I'd ask my own questions thanks in advance......

1) I am planning on running 1200 heads. So does that mean I can run flat top pistons? Or what's my best option

2) what's the best compression ratio for normal street riding (and play of course)

3) I will be punching out stock 883 jugs too. Have reputable shop locally where dealer sends there's to also.

4) what's best jet kit to install?

Thanks everyone

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