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04-19-2005, 05:02 AM
Okay everyone, who likes it SPICY?????

Here is a recipe from BYO magazine that give all us "Pepper Heads" something to brew and enjoy this summer while cooking up some goodies on the Barbaque grill...

I give you....

Smoked Chili IPA

(5 gallons, partial mash)

For the beer drinker who has tried everything before, just to prove that he or she hasn't. This beer is malty and fairly big underneath and hoppy in the middle, with a waft of beechwood smoke near the end. And, of course, you get dragon's breath for hours after!


3 lbs. pale malt
1 lb. toasted pale malt (toast in oven for 30 minutes at 350째F)
1 lb. beechwood smoked rauchmalt
1 lb. medium crystal malt (50째 to 60째 Lovibond)
4 lbs. unhopped light dry malt extract (DME)

2/3 oz. of 12% alpha-acid Chinook hops (8 AAUs)
3/4 oz. of 8% alpha-acid Perle hops (6 AAUs)
1 oz. of 4% alpha-acid Kent Goldings hops (4 AAUs)
1 oz. of 4% alpha-acid Fuggles hops (4 AAUs)

1 large dried Anaheim chili o English ale yeast slurry (Wyeast 1098 or equivalent)

1 lb. oak chips (optional)

1 cup light DME for priming (or 3/4 cup priming sugar)

25 medium dried Anaheim chilis, cut in half

Step by Step:

Heat 10 quarts water to 164째F. Crush grains, mix into liquor and hold at 152째F for 90 minutes.
Runoff and sparge with 15 quarts water at 169째F. Add DME to kettle, bring to a boil.
Total boil is 90 minutes.
Add Chinook hops, boil 30 minutes.
Add Perle hops, boil 30 minutes.
Add Kent Goldings hops, boil 30 minutes.
Turn off heat, add Fuggles hops and 1 dried Anaheim, chopped into small pieces.
Steep 30 minutes.
Remove hops and pepper, chill wort.
Steam (15 minutes) and toast (350째F, 30 minutes) oak chips, if desired, and place in fermenter.
Add wort to fermenter along with enough preboiled and chilled water to make up 5.25 gallons.
At 65째 to 68째F, pitch yeast.
Ferment relatively warm (68-70째F) for two weeks.
Rack to secondary and condition cool (55-60째F) for three to four weeks. Prime with DME (or priming sugar), add half an Anaheim pepper to each bottle.
Seal and condition for six weeks.

OG = 1.070 (17.5째 Plato)
FG = 1.020 (5째 Plato)
Bitterness = 55 IBUs

Sounds like a summertime BBQ brew for sure!

05-16-2005, 06:00 AM
OK, call me an under-achiever, but wouldn't a drop of Tabasco in my Bud have the same effect? ^_^

05-16-2005, 06:37 AM
OK, call me an under-achiever, but wouldn't a drop of Tabasco in my Bud have the same effect? ^_^

To be honest...Hell No!!!

First, when you homebrew a recipe, its awesome and sooooooo much better than commercial beer.

Second, brewing this beer yourself would make a better initial taste, and the secondary taste, which would cause you to make another batch, which can not be matched by any other method!!!

Sorry to say, but homebrew is better than any commercial beer, and until you make it and drink it, you have no clue as to the worth of homebrew.

Coming from a guy who is on his 3rd liter of homebrew tonight!!!

05-16-2005, 01:22 PM
3rd liter?!? Well, why didn't ya say so! [looks through mailbox... nope, still no invite.] <_<

05-20-2005, 01:15 AM
Tony I could be in Mass within like 14 hours. Let me know when you start drinking!! :P

3rd litre huh? How were you feeling? Happy?? :D

05-20-2005, 01:39 AM
I had a liter once, bottomsup twice, bottomsup thrice, bottomsup awe hell I gotta go I am dry. drunks