View Full Version : Dyna Low Rider Accessories (some for other bikes too)

06-06-2005, 06:33 PM
All of these parts were just taken off a Dyna Low Rider that I traded in. They're all in perfect condition. I can take pics of any of it if you're interested. We can come to a fair mutual agreement on price. I've included the Harley part number so you can look it up in the catalog.

Contact via email: rogerho@microsoft.com

Progressive Suspension Shocks, 440 IAS (12.5") (1,000 miles on them) (with the heavy duty, chrome springs)

Also fits: (info directly from Progressive Suspension)
FXD/B/C 91-92
FXD/C 95-05
FXDL 01-05
FXDS-conv. 94-00
FXDWG 93-05
FXDX/T 00-03
FXDX/T 04-05

Corbin "Gunfighter and Lady" saddle (1,000 miles on it - as new)

Corbin backrest for passenger - Oval, removable backrest that works for either the passenger or the rider.

Saddle bag liners (for leather bags) 91959-97

The below parts are assembled to install on any Dyna that has the correct docking station parts installed on the fender struts:

Low sissy bar: 52739-83
Low pad: 52495-88
Detachable side plates: 52783-96B
Luggage rack: 53711-96A

Stock rear shock adjusting wrench

I have another matching setup with sideplate, mini sissy bar with pad, but no rack available also. Looks great with the stock saddle or other saddles.

06-06-2005, 07:22 PM
Sorry! Forgot to mention, the Low Rider this stuff came off of is a 2002. This stuff will fit on various years, so if you're interested, we can verify whether it fits through the catalog or any other means.