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09-06-2004, 09:00 PM
Now to try and pick your brains again. My plans are to polish the moter ,heads,cases,and covers...I want to paint the fins Hi gloss black (not powder coat ) then sand of the edge of the fins to give them a nice look. Question...what paint would you suggest to paint the fins on the jugs? that would take the heat,sanding,and not crack or chip?I know the importance of a clean surfice and some scoffing.

09-06-2004, 09:46 PM
Hi hharley3059

RWPatton did a post on some very professional way to paint the motor, after all he's in the bussiness.

I'll see if I can find it unless he answers this post first :D

09-06-2004, 11:51 PM
while wide is looking for the post , i would suggest that you use harleys black krinke paint on the jugs , basicly after cleening you heat the parts up a little with a heat lamp then paint and heat more with a heat lamp then allow to cool and you can use a dremeal tool to highlite the fins

09-07-2004, 04:39 PM

Personally, I like the looks of leaving the heads unpainted, and the the jugs done in the black wrinkle finish. Just a matter of taste. I'm not sure about gloss paint on engines. Seems I've heard that such paint doesn't transfer heat very well and tends to peel and flake. I'll have to defer to RWP on that.

I used the VHT (Very High Temp) wrinkle paint found in automotive stores. You have to do about 3 coats about 5-10 minutes apart with it. I'd experiment on a piece of metal. Pretty sure the Harley Engine Paint Wrecker mentioned works the same way. A heavy first coat with lighter ones after. Sort of tricky to get it even without runs. But it sticks very well and you can get good results if you don't rush yourself. (sounds like we are trying to talk you into wrinkle finish, doesn't it?)

Are you painting the engine on the frame? I just went through that and finally got results I'm very pleased with. Pulled my primary case, etc off, but the rest was done on the frame.

Since I didn't paint my heads, I didn't do the fins like you intend on. But I did to my brake fins. 400 sandpaper after a week drying worked like a champ.

Things I learned in particular:

- Get GOOD masking tape. It makes a big difference.

- I painted a number my nuts and bolts with vaseline, and it sprayed
right off with water when I was done. Worked better than I could
have hoped. Pretty pleased with myself on that one. :-)

Good luck!!! But don't count on luck by any means.

09-08-2004, 05:53 PM
Hey Hharley 3059

Make sure all parts are clean and oil free. Scuff'em with scuff pad. Apply very light(and I mean light)coat of self-etching zinc primer. Then use a single stage acyrlic urethane paint as a top coat. Works well,withstands the heat and shines like hell.

e-mail me if you need more specifics.

RW :wacko: