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07-16-2005, 08:36 PM
In the on going hassle to find food worth eating, no matter where ones at the winning action is to find something that adds flaver and makes it worth eating. My move is to use jalapenos and Louisiana Hot Sauce. That helps on salads a lot better than regular salad dressing because there's no sugar added. Jalapenos are supposed to help burn fat faster too.
It's just that one can't allways get hot spicy Mexican food all over this country. Oh well.

07-17-2005, 08:59 PM
Oh yeah! A good bunch of jalapeno peppers and a good pepper based hot sauce like Louisiana or Tabasco is awesome on almost anything. I love jalapenos! They are just the perfect pepper to add on sandwiches, in soups, chillis, salads, eggs, as well as in sauces for entree's.

Good REAL authentic spicy Mexican food is definately hard to get nowadays, especially with bullshit fast food places that butcher up anything they touch and try to call it real food.

We need some REAL Mexican cooks anf chefs to come up with some REAL Mexican restaurants which can satify the real spicy Mexican food lovers. Without the true authenticity, so many food just fall flat.

Case in point, when I lived in Florida, we used to go into Tampa to get real Cuban food. I love true Cuban food, and unless its cooked the traditional way, by traditional chefs, its not worth eating. The one thing that made us so damn happy was, when you walked in to the small restaurants, everything was in Cuban. The menus on the walls, the people ONLY spoke Cuban, and most of the customers only spoke Cuban! They had a cafeteria type set up where you took your tray and slid it along past all the food. Basically you pointed to what you wanted, and not a word was spoke until you got to the register. Then you heard the price of your meal and a thank you with many smiles. The food was real, authentic and to die for.

I miss Florida because of such restaurants.