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  • Re: Entering Personal Security Number

    I believe the dealers set it. Mine was 1-1-1-1-1, but I was able to change it. After making the change, I made sure I was able to "use" the code to disarm the system. Mine worked. If yours reports all ones, then you are doing something wrong.
    Make sure you have the fob present, then turn the ignition to ign, then off, then ign, then off, then ign (ign 3 times). Quickly press the left turn signal 3 times. Press the right turn signal 1 time. Your signals should flash 3 times and the factory pin should appear in the odometer and the first digit (1) should be flashing. Now use the left turn signal to change the number from a 1 to the number of your choice, then use the right turn signal to "store" that number and move on to the next digit.
    Summary: Ign 3 times, left 3 times, right 1 time. Then left to change, right to store.
    Using the pin to disarm the system is different of course.
    Turn to ign, then quickly press and hold both turn signals until confirmation (odometer changes to hes waiting for input). Then left to change, right to store.
    Hope this helps.
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