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  • New Layout Harleychatgroup.com

    Welcome to the new layout of the Harley Chat Group.
    We have completed the forum conversion to our new software and we hope you enjoy the new look and feel. If you have issues logging on try the password recovery or we will have a link tomorrow to contact us.
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    1. jazda's Avatar
      jazda -
      Wide,,, so far so good.... I'll be lookin' around to see what's new ....No problem logging in for me....

    1. arthureld's Avatar
      arthureld -
      Hey bud I can't reply to threads from my work. It's probably an active x issue. Guess I'll have to find something else to do at work. Like work maybe? hmmm I need to sleep on it.
      Excellent job on the new site.
    1. Wide's Avatar
      Wide -
      cant be active x as I am using linux

      I will look into why. what do you guys block?
    1. arthureld's Avatar
      arthureld -
      My work is fucked up as far as internet. There are many sites I can't go to. I can't stream audio period. I can't use any email except the companies.
      They have it locked down.
      I was able to reply on the old site tho.
      It's not the end of the world if I can't get reply from work.
    1. hf155's Avatar
      hf155 -
      Looks like theres gonna be alot more we can do, cool!

      Great Job
    1. boulderbean's Avatar
      boulderbean -
      I have looked at my profile and cannot see how to add a "profile photo". Is there a help file or something similar that explains how to do this.
    1. Wide's Avatar
      Wide -
      Under settings you can do it

    1. Nitram_b4's Avatar
      Nitram_b4 -
      kool...will take a little getting use to
    1. boulderbean's Avatar
      boulderbean -
      Quote Originally Posted by Wide View Post
      Thanks Wide,
    1. arthureld's Avatar
      arthureld -
      I hate to be a whiner but what happened to the chick with the nice nips laying on the skulls under the harley?
    1. MarczButterfly's Avatar
      MarczButterfly -
      Quote Originally Posted by jazda View Post
      Wide,,, so far so good.... I'll be lookin' around to see what's new ....No problem logging in for me....

      Nice site, thanks for having me
    1. Millertyme's Avatar
      Millertyme -
      I am new fella to group. Maybe I am missing it.It would be nice to create a thread to the group from the Home Page.
      I don't see an icon for that.
    1. vermont283's Avatar
      vermont283 -
      Anyone ever cut the baffles out of a stock exhaust? Thinking about doing it to my 2014 limited. Looking for pros and cons. thanks.
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