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  • Killerglass V-Rod coolant hoses

    Killerglass clear illuminated hose for all Harley Davidson Watercooled motors.

    Made from clear triple hardened Pyrex these tubes will last a lifetime without discoloring. Watch your coolant flow is not only a eye catcher but a functional item. Notice in advance any problems that may be arising in your engine before it's too late. These are available with Red, Blue, Green or white LED lighting kits to match any coolant color you may want to use. All Killerglass items are made in limited quantities so don't wait. www.killerglass.com
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    Thursday beer day

    Thread Starter: Wide

    Morning all time for a cold one, dont be late get a head start for memorial day
    Long weekend ahead and noplans

    Last 3 Memorial days

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    Wednesday Coffee Wednesday

    Thread Starter: Wild1Poet2

    I drove in early today and the traffic was a clusterfahk. Road construction, choke points, long lights, idiots.

    Yesterday, 02:29 PM by Wide Go to last post

    Tuesday Tuesday

    Thread Starter: Wild1Poet2

    Morning folks. I was just thinking that I haven't seen many bikes out this spring. maybe the weather's been dampening the urge

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    Monday Monday

    Thread Starter: Wild1Poet2

    Morning everyone. Back to work so the weather cleared and its sunny, going to 80 and blue skies. I had a good weekend. And I just found out next weekend

    05-21-2018, 06:38 PM by Wide Go to last post

    Sunday Sunday Sunday!!

    Thread Starter: Wild1Poet2

    Still looks rainy here today. I was hoping for some clearing action.

    What is it with kids shooting up schools these days? These kids

    05-21-2018, 12:31 AM by Wide Go to last post