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    Progressive 422 with RAP

    I've got a 2000 FXST and want to change the rear shocks out to Progressive 422 with the remote adjuster, they come in standard springs or heavy duty springs. Has anyone here had any experience with...
  2. Oil in connector

    Man I'm not sure yet myself I haven't got that far but when I unplugged the connector it was full of a crazy amount of oil. I'm hoping there is some kind of seal in there somewhere, Nitram probably...
  3. Nitram you were right on

    Hey man sorry I hadn't got back to you sooner but it is hunting season here in the South and you know how us rednecks are but you were absolutely right, the voltage regulator shorted out, blew out my...
  4. Thanks for diagnosis

    I think you might be right about the oil weeping into to regulator because lately I have noticed like a drip of oil right under the regulator every time I ride the bike. I installed one of those...
  5. No speedo reading, engine light on, odometer fluctuating

    When I reach about 12 mph my speedo goes to zero, the engine light comes on, the odometer numbers go crazy but everything such as the lights and turn signals still worked. Yesterday it started...
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