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Thread: EFI remap for change of exhaust on fat boy anniversary?

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    EFI remap for change of exhaust on fat boy anniversary?

    EFI remap for change of exhaust on 2005 Fat Boy Anniversary?
    The bike came with the 95 ci/1550 cc engine (without the cams), and the high flow air filter. I want to change the mufflers from the stock to the screamin eagle pro II slip-fit mufflers.
    I have spoken to three different dealers and gotten 4 different answers as to if I need to remap and if so to what, since the only remaps available seem to be for the 95/1550 engine with cams.
    One dealer told me that they already put the map on for the 1550 (with the cams, and that is the closest I will get, so I do not need to remap).
    Harley themselves told me I need to buy a pile of race equipment.
    Anyone know what mapping it actually comes with? What mapping I need to get if any?
    As a side question, anyone know the difference between the screemin eagle slip on muffler part no. 80384-00 and the pro II part no 80-444-03?

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    Re: EFI remap for change of exhaust on fat boy anniversary?

    I use SE II slip ons. I checked out bout sets you listed and the only differences I notice were the price, the SE II logo, and the SE II are listed "for race only" (although they are they cheaper priced of the 2).

    Other than that I couldn't tell ya unless it's because Harley Davidson is stamped into the other ones, therefore the price increase.
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