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Thread: 2 worms on MAC OS X

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    2 worms on MAC OS X

    Not just one, but two in as many days... Do your updates

    quote:OS X Trojan appears
    Published: 2006-02-16

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    A new Trojan for Apple's OS X computers has appeared. While neither a virus nor the first appearance of malicious code on Mac OS X, the incident is receiving major attention from the Apple community. Additionally, the Trojan has been neither widespread as a worm nor particularly effective, but should be an eye-opener to Apple users that no modern computer system is safe from the potential for viruses, worms and malicious code.


    quote:Second OS X worm appears
    Published: 2006-02-17

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    Just one day after a new OS X Trojan/worm appears, a second worm has appeared that exploits old vulnerabilities in Apple's Bluetooth implementation.

    The OSX.Inqtana.A worm is a proof-of-concept worm. Symantec has a description of the worm, which uses a BlueTooth Directory Traversal Vulnerability in OS X that was published on Bugtraq and patched by Apple in June 2005 (Note: SecurityFocus is owned by Symantec Corporation). F-Secure reports that the worm is written in Java. The worm has not been seen in the wild, and additionally is set to stop functioning after February 24th. It is not considered a threat to Mac users.

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    Re: 2 worms on MAC OS X

    You dont know how happy this makes me. My old boss was a die-hard Mac man. I say the old bastard learned on a Mac and only knows what he knows. But for 4 years he treated me like I spawned Gates and the whole PC industry. This is suhweeet!!
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    Use Kaspersky latest version. It is very effective and can remove most of the bugs, you can find a Mac version here K7 Antivirus Customer Support and get it a demo version. You can update it later from here.

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