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Thread: 99 Road King - Cam bearing issues?

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    99 Road King - Cam bearing issues?

    My son in law has a 99 Road King with 25K miles. He was told by a mechanic that the 99's had problems with the cam bearings and he should have his replaced. I am hoping that you guys can confirm or deny this. Is there any kind of symptom that he can look for. He was also told that it would cost about $1200 to replace them. Again, if this is true would he not be better off putting that money into a 95inch big bore kit with new cams. Thanks for your input.
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    Re: 99 Road King - Cam bearing issues?

    Early TC-88 engines had cam bearing issues.

    On January 19, 1999 the Harley-Davidson Motor Company Faxed their dealers and distributors a letter dated January 17, 1999. In the letter the dealers/distributors were informed of a production change that occurred on December 14, 1999. The change they announced was from a ball style bearing to a roller style bearing in Twin-Cam 88 engines. The letter also outlined the Motor Company's intent to provide a extended warranty on this component. The warranty on the affected component was extended to 5 years/50,000 miles, whichever comes first. The warranty is intended to cover the rear outer cam bearing and any affected parts damaged if the bearing fails (Note: if you have performed any modifications to your engine it is questionable whether Harley-Davidson will honor the warranty).
    Some of the roller bearing are just noisy. Others fly apart and screw the pooch.

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    Re: 99 Road King - Cam bearing issues?

    punch your vin in here:

    it will tell you if they have already been done...

    if he is the original owner- i wouldn't necessarily go in the unless it was making death noises- but change them if he changes cams.....


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    Re: 99 Road King - Cam bearing issues?

    $1200 bucks to swap the bearings is waay high. More like $300-$400. BTW, I had a bike with the "bad bearings", I rode it for 52k before updating it. I never had a problem.

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    Re: 99 Road King - Cam bearing issues?

    If you have any mechanical ability at all you can do a Bearing change.
    You will need to rent some special tools But I have the email to someone that rents them.
    Its not a hard Job at all.
    He also sells the High density Torrington Bearings. 10 bucks for the pair
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