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Thread: Antenna Replacement for Ultra? CB/Radio

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    Re: Antenna Replacement for Ultra? CB/Radio

    Those long whips were the second things to get yanked from mine (after the lexan wings on the fairing).
    Here's a link to tuning your CB

    I don't make much use of anything except the CD player so a couple rubber shortys from JP Cycles did the trick for me.

    If you're using your CB you should tune (or "match") the antenna to your unit it's the only way to get good performance,otherwise twist up the old coat hanger it'll be just about the same.

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    Re: Antenna Replacement for Ultra? CB/Radio

    Yes you can. I purchased one AT10 TNC male-UHF female adapter and one AU08 UHF Male to TNC Female adapter from This allowed me to connect the SWR meter to the back of the radio on a 2007 Ultra.
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    Re: Antenna Replacement for Ultra? CB/Radio

    as for a good quality cb antenner, you might want to look into a firestick, broadstick or even a K40, they make short ones, easy to adjust the SWR's, now that just leaves where to hook up the 2K linear!
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