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Thread: OK.....I'm ready

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    Re: OK.....I'm ready

    hey shep. speaking from experience here , your homebrew will not last if you offer it up at 1. use a liquid yeast, 2. after you brew a batch let it stay in the primary on that yeast for a week before you rack it to a secondary fermenter to clear. 3. BREW another batch on the same day you rack the 1st batch to the secondary and dump the new batch right on top of the sludge from the 1st batch. it shoul take off like the space shuttle and you can do this at least 3 times on the same yeast! happy brewing and welcome to the world of zymurgy
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    Re: OK.....I'm ready


    Lostlake and I have been known to polish off 2.5 30 packs in a 4hr sitting!!!!!

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    Re: OK.....I'm ready

    Iíve been brewing beer for a good long time now and it's been my experience that you will probably never really pay for the equipment by savings on store-bought brew, but that's not the point. Hand crafted brew almost always trumps the store-bought shit in that: 1. You can brag to all your drinking buddies that you made it yourself. 2. You have the power to change the taste to suit yourself (with a bit of experience). 3. The types and tastes of beer you can brew are endless. 4. the equipment you can buy to make it easier to brew is also endless. You can make a super sophisticated setup, or you can keep it simple (but you will eventually want to invest in some neat things, like a wort chiller and racking cane). 5. Itís just plain fun to brew! :P

    I would suggest purchasing a good book, like ďThe new complete joy of BrewingĒ by Charlie Papazian. He explains the process quite simply and he also includes many recipes for beginners and professionals alike. After some book reading the next best bet is to talk to your brew store guy. He or she would probably spend hours talking to you about the craft.

    Finally, though you have to pay attention to what you are doing, the whole idea is to relax and have fun brewing something that you can never get at a store. As Charlie Papazian says time and time again in his book: Relax! Have a home brew!

    Note: If I misspelled any of this or rattled on and on, itís because Iím under the influence of homebrew as we speak.

    Happy brewing!
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    Re: OK.....I'm ready

    Quote Originally Posted by thorsblood
    Things are different here in Michigan Brobrian. Where as I have not had a drink of alcohol in over 21 years I AM an alcoholic. Ol Shep is the other end of the spectrum, you see. 3 cases of beer a week here in Michigan is about average for your every day god fear'n, work'n sumbitch. Now, I know that probably don't make a lick of sense to a CalIfornIayn, but you know you guys out there take the cake for havin some pretty screwy ways. :P
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    Still all this talk makes me thirsty. A fine Home Brewed Imperial Stout aught to do it.
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