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Thread: frame help

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    Re: frame help

    haven't been in for a while and saw this. here's my $0.02.....

    the main advantage of keeping the stock frame is simply title and insurance concerns. if you change the frame, you will have to re-register it using the mso (manufacturer's statement of origin) from that frame's maker. some sates allow this- some do not. the other thing is that currently it is insured as a stock production bike. change the frame, and the insurer may not like that.

    other things to consider are that while after market frames do accept stock items, the little tabs and hooks and such are not there on the custom....


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    Re: frame help

    thanks jr, for the help. i have state farm insurance and they really only go by motor size. no matter if its a custom to stock. at least thats what i have been told. i'll look in to it again. i think my best bet is just to stretch it. so i can get the look i'm looking for. thanks again for the help guys.

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    Re: frame help

    I got a 180 Kraftech frame from KC International for $750. If you SCOUR the net you can find i'm asking myself if the frame is good. I bought my forward controls from Demon's and am now wondering if that was a mistake after reading more about them. I'm debating building this thing myself. I have half the parts sitting in my garage and am getting ready to move. The frame sat in the bike shop for 3 months with no work done on it and is now starting to rust. Should i sand the light rust away and put a coat of primer on the frame?

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