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Thread: Re-Jetting a 2004 883 Sportster

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    Re-Jetting a 2004 883 Sportster

    I have a 2004 883 custom sportster and have changed the mufflers to screamin eagle ll and have also changed the air filter to a SEll high flow. I know I have to re-jet the carbs but I have been getting a lot of different answers. Some say to only change the main to a 170 and others say to change both. Has anybody out there been thru this? I want to get it right the first time. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Re-Jetting a 2004 883 Sportster

    On My 2004 after the 1200 Big Bore Upgrade went to a #45 Idle 2 1/2 turns out and #180 High Speed with the Screamin Eagle High Flow and V&H Slip On Pipes .. In your case I would start with just the #45 and 170 should be plenty....
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    Re: Re-Jetting a 2004 883 Sportster

    I'm going to muddy the waters a little more. I say just change the idle. It actually disperses fuel through the entire throttle. It's only called the idle because it starts first. The main doesn't kick in until higher fuel is demanded.

    Yes, the standard bump has always been 42 stock to 45 or 45 stock to 48.

    Changing the idle jet is easy. The only pain in the ass is finding the right screwdriver. Just change the idle and see if you care to keep going with mods.
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    Re: Re-Jetting a 2004 883 Sportster

    bump the pilot one notch, pull the cover off the mixture screw and readjust (make sure at full temp first). imho, start there and run it. unless you note a stumble or starving at 3/4 throttle and above, the pilot might be just enough.


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