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Thread: I got questions Ford Boyz......

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    Re: I got questions Ford Boyz......

    Quote Originally Posted by Wide
    What you looking to do?

    I'm deep into Fords

    Want a good mustang forum LOL
    Can I post pics of both the 67 ragotop and a 64 1/2 GT ragtop there, and make you jealous?..

    Anyway my wife's 94 GT ragtop had a Vortex supercharger on it, and she loved that car. I worked for FRP for a while, and have dealt with a lot of supercharged fords. That modular engine really does lend itself to supercharging very well

    BTW....if you really want performance, sell the fords, and buy a vette
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    Re: I got questions Ford Boyz......

    I was the leed designer for the internal rotating and recipricating componants for that engine as well as the only designer federally certified in cumbustion design sciences. I've spent literaly hundreds of hours at the dyno lab in Allen Park, Mi. dialing in the performance characteristics of that engine.

    Best, cheapest bang for your buck when up-tuning any engine is to follow the "air in / air out" theory of mods. Sounds like you already have things set up to increase the "air out" half of the equation (providing your Flomaster setup includes better then stock exhaust manifolds or headers and not just a quick muffler & pipe redress). Now go to a larger throttle body and mass airflow sensor to improve the "air in" half. To correctly tune the motor ability to utilize the improved air flow and provide the corect aspects relative to air fuel mixture, induction pressures and utilize the proper electric cam timing adjustment you should also re-chip the motor and have it dyno tuned by a reliable speed shop.

    That particular engine is significantly under tuned to achieve the required compliance to the cafe standards that were required at the time. You could go nuts with changes to cam profiles, piston domes, compression modifacations etc, but changing the way it breaths and retuning the ignition elements should give you all you'll ever need for street muscle on a car that is already pushing the practical limitations of it's designed power to weight ratio.

    Don't worry about dropping a second mortgage on fancy smancy custom speed shop items. Hit a fairly decent sized Ford dealership and go to the parts counter and get a Ford Factory Speed Mods Catalogue. That thing will be chocked full of everything you could ever need to do whatever you want to your Pony Car, and they are parts which were designed for racing applications by the same guys who designed the engine (most of whom also have significant experience beefing up their own little street rods

    ALSO... I've driven so many wild ass pony car prototypes during my days at Ford Special Vehicle Operations and espescially when I was designing at Rousch & McLaren that I would personaly NEVER, EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES doing ANY speed mods to a convertible Mustang without first installing a decent set of SAE approved roll bars and at least a four point harness (five point is better). Those fuckers can get a dangerous case of the squirellies and I've seen pro test track drivers flip em like Sunday morning flap jacks.
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