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Thread: dont make this political

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    Re: dont make this political

    Quote Originally Posted by CoolMaker
    Quote Originally Posted by arthureld
    Quote Originally Posted by CoolMaker
    Just shit stains of the world
    I know you are but what am I? lol
    You are the biggest blowhard, liar, and shitstain there is... You asked and you received..
    You reek old man. You sure your not dead?
    I wish I was in Tijuana eating barbecued iguana

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    Re: dont make this political

    I still can't figger out what the geniuses like CoolMaker obviously thinks he is would do in lieu of taxes. Nobody like paying taxes, but what about the military? Rightwingers love the military. Where do they think the money to bomb orphanages comes from? The loved Gitmo -- who do they think paid for the barbed wire? How do the interstate highways the old farts cruise their FLH bikes up and down get built and maintained? I mean, Christ on a stick, I'm so sick of hearing the fucking rightwingers bitch about shit their own stupid asses couldn't live without! Thank God we got a reprieve from the sorry fucks for a few years at least until the next otherwise good man sticks his goddamn dick in the wrong hole again.

    P.S. I'm glad this thread isn't political.
    I love mankind; it's people I can't stand.

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    Re: dont make this political

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSport
    I was really put off by the way Fox News appropriated the TEA protests for its own political agenda, even making it appear it was a sponsor. John Stewart did a satire piece on The Daily Show last night ridiculing Fox News and wondering why it was not voicing similar public concern during the Bush administration.
    This is why Fox is consistantly #1 in cable news. Being fair and Balanced. Neil Cavuto from Fox Bussiness News was against the Bailouts back in September when Paulsen, Bushes treasury secretary pushed the original 750 billion tarp bail out.
    Your right though SS. Concern should have been raised over the deficits even before the Democrats took over as the Majority in 2006.
    People like me that have never seen such enormous spending and raising the national debt, Not to mention the individual states raising their taxes ,as they are legally bound, to balance their budgets and President campaign promise to lower the taxes on 95% of the workers, which ammounts to roughly $400.00 dollars a year on average, will pale in 2011 when the new federal taxes start to take effect. The fact that this run away spending can not be sustained (Congressional Budget Office) and the fact that our children and grand children are going to be paying for this is a legacy that I and many others do not want to leave.

    See ya all on July fouth. Maybe the main stream media will cover that one as I'm sure the numbers will be much larger.
    I survived my youth. can I survive what's left?

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    Re: dont make this political

    Why is this in the Brewery section

    Political thread locked

    I am now locking ALL political threads
    .-/c-.,_ /

    "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere"

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