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Thread: oil filter shovelhead

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    oil filter shovelhead

    I'm putting a spin on oil filter on my shovel.
    I removed the one in the oil tank and made a custom spin on adapter to mount to the front of the engine.
    My question is will a auto filter work?
    I'm concerned because the oil is thicker (60 wt) and the low oil pressure that a shovel has would a auto filter have a good enough flow?
    Do they make high flow oil filters?

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    Re: oil filter shovelhead

    Hey Sneeky, a fram ph-8a should work for you. It depends on the oil filter base mount. Here is a simple test to check filter restiction.

    With a fresh filter installed (no oil in it or the lines) use lung power to blow thru the inlet hose. If air comes out the outlet side you are good to go no matter what filter you bought.

    Wrench on!

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    Re: oil filter shovelhead


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    Re: oil filter shovelhead

    I did the same thing on my shovel, JP has a chrome bracket for a spin on that shares the kickstand mount, lays just over the voltage regulator. Its easy, looks clean and keeps the oil cool. They sell the chrome filters that look good and you don't have to worry if they'll work.

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    Re: oil filter shovelhead

    Just make sure the by pass valve in the filter is the correct pressure for you bike or you might not get proper filtering.
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    Exclamation Soon on filter.......WTF?!

    Found this OLD thread while doing a search for remote oil filter for cone Shovelheads.....

    ALL this crap is WRONG! WTF?!

    Do NOT use ANY zoin-on filter with a bypass valve on a Shovelhead!

    Do NOT use a Frame PH8A on a Shovelhead!

    Let me ask a the Shovel oiling system pressurized?

    What spin-on micron rating do all you experts think should be used on a Shovel?

    Anybody running a cooler on Shovelhead?

    I know this is my first post on this site.....but.......really?!

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