Howdy from Texas! I have a 2001 FLHTCUI with 30K miles, it has the wonder of the ages, Magnetic Marelli fuel injection. It has been bored out to a 1550ci and has been mapped for this. I have no baffles in the slip-ons, slash down generics. Recently, I had a drunk friend have a "Wild Hogs" moment who decided he wanted to ride it with no shoes. He stood the bike up, started it and proceeded to let it fall on its left side...the engine died as it should. Ever since I have been getting oil purge. It doesn't matter if I baby it or not, a lot of oil will shoot out of the air cleaner. This has happened in the past but only when coming off the throttle quickly from higher speeds, 80 and above.
Question 1. Do I have a sensor that is causing this?
Question 2. Crank-case breather kits have been recommended, which one for the M&M?

I can turn a wrench and need some expert advice, local dealership was more interested in jacking up the price than helping with any kind of fix. Thanks in advance!