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    There was a African bee attack in Texas on Wednesday that killed two horses and injured some poor lady. Excerpts: "A North Texas woman is recovering following an attack from a swarm of bees that killed her two horses. Kristen Beauregard told NBC 5 she was working with Chip, her prize miniature horse, in the backyard when -- unprovoked -- thousands of bees swarmed her and the horse. The insects are suspected to be Africanized bees. The pain from the stings was like being stabbed with hundreds of knives and torched with a flamethrower at the same time, she said. She still has some visible welts on her eyelids from the attack.
    Chip quickly became covered with bees and began thrashing wildly around the yard in pain, she said.
    She and the horse both jumped into the backyard swimming pool in an effort to escape the bees, but even that provided little relief. The bees hovered above the water and stung Beauregard's face when she would come up for air, she said. Chip was stung hundreds of times and his body was covered in welts, Beauregard said. He died from his injuries that night.
    Trump initially survived but succumbed to his injuries Thursday. Beauregard, whom paramedics estimate was stung approximately 200 times, praised the efforts of the emergency crews who risked their lives in an effort to save her and her animals.
    A beekeeper removed on Thursday the approximately 6-foot-tall beehive that was home to an estimated 30,000 bees. It was located in a shed about 30 yards from the scene of the initial attack."
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