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    Morning all. It's Saturday! I'm so glad the "Holiday Season" is over. Back to normal.

    Snow today, Maybe a lot. Doesn't matter to me. Life just goes on no matter what.
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    Good morning, about 2" of snow here so everybody is going
    Those in upstate SC that are still here anyhow, because I think half of them went to Fla to watch Clemson play in the national championship game.
    I am a lifetime Giant fan and had no expectations of them getting into the playoffs so everything from here is gravy for me.
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    Morning all

    Still need to take down our Christmas lights, been raining everyday and forcast is rain for the next week

    Giants look great this year and on a rooll

    Coach Parsells is from my town where I grew up in Jersey, know the whole family.They been there as original settlers of the town. Even a street named after them. They were originally farmers & horsemen.

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    Howdy folks. The good news is my granddaughter got out of the hospital today. But I had to drive into the city in a snowstorm to get her and my daughter. And I had to use my wife's CRV cuz it has all sorts of child seat mounts in it. She has "no-season" tires on. Anyways it was slow going and white knuckled. Lots of gridlock. Fuk Stopping was a problem. Hit the brakes and go for a sled ride.

    Tomorrow will be clean up the snow day.
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