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Thread: Plz read regarding a 2005 HD fatboy(FLSTFI)

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    Plz read regarding a 2005 HD fatboy(FLSTFI)

    I'm 6'5", had been looking for a seat to keep me low and put me back. From everything I researched by reading forums and by contacting companies themselves. I found the because of the position of my rear fender, "down and back" is not an option. I bit the bullet for this upcoming season and bought the Le pera maverick daddy long legs.
    Can anyone give me some tips on what I need to do regarding next winters work to put in the adjust or change what I can to get the back and down effect I want on my bike. At this point what I've done will give me a better feeling of what I want for next year. Next year I want to be seating further back and down and install ape hangers, and a full overhaul on all my lights

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    Not sure I can follow but Im 59 LOL
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    other than reducing the foam on the seat and getting extended reach controls you are pretty limited
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