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Thread: Wednesday - Wednesday

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    Wednesday - Wednesday

    Happy mid week everyone. We're in a heat wave. Sposed to hit 87 today. Last week we had a frost warning.

    My car's TPMS warning light came on indicating one of my tires was 4lbs low. So I get home and check all around and everything seems ok except the tire in question is 3 pounds over. So I bleed off some air and even things up but the light stays on. I'm thinking I got a faulty TPMS sensor. Effin technology. Even one of my pressure gauges was busted.

    So I was afraid to drive it today thinking it might have a slow leak and when I get out of work it'll be flat. There's no spare. They just give you a can of junk to inflate it with. I'll recheck the pressure when I get home and I'll be able to tell if there's any leak and confirm its a faulty TPMS sensor. I just ordered my summer tires anyway. I haven't tried it yet but I'm supposed to be able to check the onboard computer while driving and watch the pressure rise as the tires heat up.

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    Morning all

    Heading out to the shop today to do some shop stuff

    Not sure what but Im ready LOL
    .-/c-.,_ /

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