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Thread: 2002 FLHTCUi won't start

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    2002 FLHTCUi won't start

    2002 FLHTCUi No Alarm/Fob
    Power to all accessories and lights.
    No clicking from starter relay. Relay checks out fine.
    Engine cranks when juice applied directly.
    Start and kill switches work.
    Green wire from starter shows it's grounded.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    You might want to post this down in Technical Support to get more responses. You got me baffled. The switches are working and the starter is working so it must be something awry in between(the wiring).
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    Take the battery to an Auto parts store and have them load test it
    If the bike has been sitting in damp conditions I would disconnect and clean the grounds, I don't care that they read good on a meter they can still be poor
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