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Thread: sunday sunny sunday

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    sunday sunny sunday

    Hope everyone got to sleep in today. I been outside clearing snow. The storm snowed all day yesterday and rolled offshore overnight leaving around 6 inches of wet heavy snow. Not bad except my snowblower wasn't putting any power to the wheels. I think it needs a new clutch linkage. It's not a real clutch but this "traction wheel" thingy. I don't have time to replace it. I shoulda done it a coupla years ago when I had the machine apart.

    So I was pushing the fucka around my driveway. The augers had power so they were throwing snow. But it ain't easy pushing that thing through wet heavy snow. But God took pity on me and after about 15 minutes the power to the wheels returned. Hallelujah!

    The best thing about winter is the air is dry and visibility is 100 miles. No bugs. No ants, no yellow jackets and best of all no mosquitos. Driving in snow is fun. This year I din't mount my snow tires just so I'd get more "slippage". Keeps my reflexes sharp. LOL

    When I was young us kids would ride dirt bikes in the winter. Those big knobby tires were kinda like snow tires but you still had no traction on packed down ice. I guess we needed studded tires.
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    Morning all

    Yeah watched some of the Army Navy game in the snow, felt great to see it

    We hiy 86 yesterday 80+ today as long as we dont burn were good, looks pretty contained right now but a ton of damage. forced economy rebuilding

    Got a pass in Jan for a tout at Virgen Rockets, they have a place around the corner and are having a play day for VIPs, not sure how I got asked lol
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    Hi all, sore from yesterday but I think I can do a chest triceps workout today, about the only thing I didn't over tax yesterday.....shit everything will be sore tomorrow
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