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Thread: Cancer is a cheating foe.

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    Cancer is a cheating foe.

    Good morning everyone. Cancer is a cheating foe. It cheats so many good people of life. I went to a family friends funeral yesterday. Drove a little over 600 miles round trip. My friend battled cancer for over 12 years. She went through Radiation, Chemo and many experimental drugs without complaint. She ran out of options about 2 months ago and lost the battle. Her battle without complaint helped me to have a positive attitude while I battle my cancer. May she rest in peace and her family find comfort knowing she is no longer in pain. Her husband has been a good friend for many years. He is having a tough time and all I know to do to help is to keep in touch and be ready to listen.
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    Very sorry to here. All my best thoughts that way.
    Yeah does make you think different, enjoy everything and not waste a time being bitter
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    Sorry for your loss Johnny. We need better treatments for cancer. You're a good friend to these folks.
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    Oh my gosh, Robby, I am so sorry.....gentle hugs.....
    Cancer sucks.

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    Cancer just a nuisance

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    Sorry to hear you lost your friend. A lot of people tend to stay away from you when they find out you're struggling with something and like the saying goes that's when you find out who your friends are.

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