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    Morning all. It's Saturday! Work is very busy considering it's the off season. Lot of restaurants being built in Boston. We are keeping many guys busy doing ductwork, so the service calls we do get keep the rest busy. Busy season is coming fast and furious. Iam still amking time for fun though. Closed the bar last night...
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    Good morning and happy Saturday, Cary, and the rest of you Fellas. xo Man, Cary, I don't remember the last time I closed a bar, lol. Glad you're taking time though to have fun with your crazy work schedule! High of 37, cloudy and a bit of rain later. Just what we need, more rain. We still have some roads here that are closed in areas due to flooding. Sandhill Cranes have been spotted as of yesterday so Spring will be her soon! My Daffodils are starting to pop up behind my garage on the South side. 24 more days until the 1st day of Spring! Have a great day and weekend Guys!

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    Closed a bar? Dang I feeel like super poser now

    Morning all

    f'n 35 here this morning 10% humity its freezing windy
    .-/c-.,_ /

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    How do everyone. I should be working but so far I just been lazin around. I gotta get crackalackin.
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    morning all,
    been working this weekend as well, trying to unfuck us from a QC Audit that I was left holding the bag when the ones in charge of this bailed on us.
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