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Thread: Saturday lucy 7th

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    Saturday lucy 7th

    Morning all was record heat yesterday could not go out more then 10 min withiut dying was 109 with 1% humidty, skin peeling hot and dry
    But its a dry heat my ass!!!!
    Anyway not a bike on the road all day

    These weather extremes are nasty for sure

    Some early yard wirk then in the AC today
    .-/c-.,_ /

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    1% humidity! That'd suck the moisture right outta ya. Death Valley type of weather you got.

    I'm in a good mood. I finally decided to get my bike out. The temps dropped overnight and it was cool and dry this morn. I checked my bike over and went and got a sticker. I figured I could drive no hands if needed. Honestly my arm aches a little just from being out straight in front of me but I could ride a good stretch no problem. Now I'm going to go work out and try to get it stronger and more flexible. I still can't get it to straighten out to a lock out position but I'm working on that.

    Hope all you folks have a good weekend ahead of you with good food, drink and wild orgies.
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