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    Saturday Saturday

    A nice easy Saturday morning here. Waiting for some motivation to kick in. Just checking the news, drinking coffee and looking at the sky. It's gonna downpour later and it's overcast now. Rained overnight. We had a lot of weather like this all August.

    Some more coffee and I'll go workout. Slowly I'm getting back into the groove. My rebuilt arm is letting me do more and more. I'm taking it slow and using light weights. 85 pounds on the bench press for example. The arm works different now and I can't get it to lock out. Not a problem at 85 pounds but I wonder what'll happen when I start stacking on more plates. So we'll see. It just feels good to be working out with something other than those 2.5 pound dumbells they used in physical therapy. LOL

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    Morning folks SWAMPY here also we been getting thunderstorms also

    Slow with that arm its not a race maybe a door to something better

    Canceled my outdoor plans looks like rain today
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