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Thread: Hello from Iowa

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    Hello from Iowa

    Hello everyone. My name is Jordan. I recently bought my second Harley, a 2018 bonnle salt denim FLHXS. After buying my first bike (2014 sportster 72) I told myself I’d never buy another brand new motorcycle. Well, 4 years later here I am with a brand new bike again. I was on a weekend bike trip with some buddies and we stopped in for a T-shirt. Ended up trading my sportster off and I haven’t regretted it one minute since. Although I do miss the sportster, and the old lady is a little bummed I traded off “her” bike.

    So far I’ve just been doing mostly cosmetic upgrades; 12 monkey hook apes, new head light, highway pegs. Nothing major. I haven’t put new exhaust on yet, but I did cut the baffles out, ground down the welds and painted the inside lip of the pipe. Sounds good and you’d never know it wasn’t factory.

    My next upgrades this winter will be performance. Slowly I’d like to get to stage 3, maybe stage 4. My question is- will upgrading to stage 3 or 4 reduce the longevity of the engine? Feel free to let me know your opinions and experiences.


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    Cool bikes welcome
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    Welcome Jordan. Looks good!
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