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    Monday Monday

    Good Monday morning to you all. Holiday week so everyone is scrambling a bit to get their travel plans in order. And stock up on groceries, pie mix and turkeys. We have a cousin coming in from new Orleans so we'll do Thanksgiving Thursday by going to a restaurant. My son's fiance is over in Amsterdam so he'll join us. My granddaughter will get out of the hospital Wed. or Thursday but my daughter won't feel like hosting Thanksgiving then so we postponed the big family one until Sunday. We have to have it at my daughter's on account of the fact my granddaughter won't be able to travel for a while when she gets out.

    My effin back is hurting fierce today. I think i did something to it lifting my 35 pound 2 year old granddaughter over the weekend. LOL probably putting her into those wicked car seats they got now for kids. When I was her age me and my sister used to just stand up on the back seats. So we could see better.
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    Morning folks

    Sick day today just woke up think I got me the flu
    .-/c-.,_ /

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