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Thread: Thursday Thirsty Thursday

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    Thursday Thirsty Thursday

    It's only Thursday and I'm wiped out. But the next two days should be better than the first half of the week.

    So far this year is better than last year. I spent most of last year with my right arm in a brace and them rehabbing it.

    And winter has been mild so far. Now if our government would just start working together things would be looking up.
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    Morning Dammit. Finished the AK and has to be one the nicest ones over ever seen. Turned out great. Tried to post a big but says to large a file.

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    Morning folks
    Gloomy here with marine layer, we have a few storms off shore heading this way from russia. I can see russia from my backyard LOL

    Ground is wet and heavy here, felt the house shift the other day feels like a tiny earthquake. With more rain we may be beachfront soon
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    Good day bikers.

    I trailered my belongings from Long Island to FL. Glad that's over with.

    Time to relax and collect unemployment.
    I wish I was in Tijuana eating barbecued iguana

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