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Thread: ROAD KING Swingarm Bushings

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    ROAD KING Swingarm Bushings

    Hi guys!

    So I ordered a set of swingarm bushings off of E-Bay, because they were $40 for 2, as opposed to $42/each at my local H-D Dealer.
    However; page 2-66 in my shop manual does not tell me the orientation of these little puppies. And while the swing arm hole is centered in this round bushing, the rear axle hole is off-set.

    I'll root around in my trash pile, and see if I can find my old set, to see if the axle hole was offset in the swingarm hole.
    Hopefully, I am explaining this clearly.
    My only other choice is an hour drive down south, to the H-D dealer, and see if one of the mechanics can guide me in the right direction.

    At first, I was worried that these bushings were "rock hard", and the "axle hole" is offset in the swingarm hole.
    But I realize that the entire weight of the motorcycle and passengers ride/depend on the correct alignment of these two swingarm bushings.

    Anybody have any words of wisdom to share with me?


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    Crap I dont have any around to look at
    .-/c-.,_ /

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